• Pony Still Doing Great - Hasbro Investor Call Breakdown

    Yesterday, Hasbro held it's annual 3rd quarter investor relations conference call. With the movie releasing, Toys R' Us filing bankruptcy, and HASCON happening all in this specific time frame, they had quite a bit of important stuff to talk about.

    I'll break it down below!

    • Franchise brands increased 7%, with pony being one of the big ones.
    • The movie was successful at re-energizing and inviting new fans from their standpoint.
    • They are banking on making good money from sales of the blu-ray and DVD
    • The movie is just shy of 40 million. ( It was 35 million last we reported).
    • They didn't go into detail on the budget of the movie, but did mention multiple times that it was modest. The movie will absolutely pay back it's investment.
    • They are seeing it driving games, general toys, and more.
    • More pony games possibly on the way. They didn't go into detail on what those will be (More mobile most likely)
    • They will be using what they learned from the My Little Pony model in other brands since it was so successful
    • Pony is a strong performer on Netflix
    • Still plans to continue releasing the movie internationally. 

    All in all, some interesting tidbits. As with most things business, don't take anything too seriously just yet, as it's pretty typical to display your company in as positive a light as possible. So far they have been pretty good on delivering on what they promise though, which is probably why Hasbro has completely wrecked mattel this last 5 years or so. 

    Thanks to Jason and everyone else for sending it.