• My Little Pony Movie to Take 4th Place With $8.8 Million

    Box office estimates are now in from movie studios as we exit the first weekend for the MLP Movie. Despite some high predictions from other sites which I believe were based on online ticket sales, it looks like the movie will settle at $8.8 million for the weekend, taking 4th place behind IT, The Mountain Between Us, and Blade Runner.

    While not as high as we expected, this showing still beats out other animated films released by Lionsgate in the past. Depending on the legs of the movie I expect we'll see a 30%-50% drop in ticket sales next weekend.

    Full breakdown below!

    We also have some more demographic data. According to CinemaScore the movie "saw an audience breakdown that was 59% female vs. 41% male, of which 51% of the total audience was over the age of 25."

    International take was $3.8 million from 49 territories with Germany bringing in $676,000.

    It is important to note these are still estimates so numbers can change, but I don't expect them to change drastically as many news outlets have been using the numbers to talk about Blade Runner which under-preformed at the box office, only taking in $31.5 million. 

    We'll post an update later this week if numbers drastically change.

    Actuals are now in and the movie scored $8.885 million at the box office, still landing it in 4th place for the weekend.

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