• Equestria Daily Q&A and Suggestion Gathering - Ask us Anything in the Comments!

    Well, now that the crazy weekend is over and we suddenly have a much shorter season, lets go ahead and get this thing going! An early hiatus means we have even more break time to run events or whatever other crazy ideas you all might have while trying to keep afloat waiting for the new season, so hopefully we can brainstorm some things!

    The point of this post is to answer any questions you all might have on how EQD works or for specific blog ponies, reply to suggestions to improve the site,  and generally clear the waters and hopefully continue to make EQD as transparent as possible. I know a lot of people are still confused at how some of our processes work and this causes all sorts of misconceptions and conspiracy theories to arise, so feel free to ask even the harder stuff. We won't bite!

    We will probably be active here for about an hour, then answer whatever late comers hop on as we get time.

    Anyway, hit those comments up and we will answer as we can!