• Fall of Anterfold: Chronicles is now available

    The Fall of Anterfold developers have been hard at work and have an addition to their Fall of Anterfold world they'd like to announce, just in time with Halloween around the corner.

    If you've played the original Fall of Anterfold and liked it check on after the break for all the info on the new game.

    We're glad to show up you guys our next new game Fall of Anterfold: Chronicles.For those who know very well Fall of Anterfold's universe it's a big present.And for those who isn't,it's a good chance to discover and get acquainted with the universe.
    What contain a full version:

    Completed Story.

    Fixed Shoot.

    Fix of Graphical issues.

    Expanded Levels.

    Two Camera Modes and more.

    Here some screenshots:

    WARNING! People who have panic arachnophobia and claustrophobia,we're not recommend you to play.

    Next,from now we are called as The Flaundflare Studio,not as EFT.We updated our site and goals too.

    Fall of Anterfold wiki HERE. (Still replenishing)

    The Flaundflare Studios official site HERE.

    The Flaundflare Studios discord channel HERE.

    Download link you can find HERE.

    Thank you for your support,with you we're becoming stronger.Best wishes from The Flaundflare Studios.

    Twitter: Calpain