• AJ Day Craft, Customs and Plushies!

    Considering that Nightmare Nights is so close I couldn't pass up on using this AJ for the header tonight!

    Crafts, customs, and plushies of AJ coming your way everyone!

    [1] Source

    Nightmare Night Applejack by AlisteRosenheim

    [2] Source

    Applejack's Apple Harvest by renegadecow

    [3] Source

    Applejack Mosaic by Malte279

    [4] Source

    Soapstone Applejack in the making collage by Malte279

    [5] Source

    Great harvest at Sweet Apple Acres by Malte279

    [6] Source

    Great harvest at Sweet Apple Acres Collage 01 by Malte279

    [7] Source

    Great harvest at Sweet Apple Acres Collage 02 by Malte279

    [8] Source

    Applejack Beanie by Peruserofpieces

    [9] Source

    Applejack - Pyrography Sleeping Applejack by Malte279

    [10] Source

    Applejack Beanie by Starkdust

    [11] Source

    Mane 6 SeaPonies by Jhaub1

    [12] Source

    Pocket Pony Plushie by astuyasiroh09

    [13] Source

    Applejack by WhiteDove-Creations

    [14] Source

    Applejack by PlanetPlush

    [15] Source

    Applejack by AlisteRosenheim

    [16] Source

    Applejack and Winona by Piquipauparro

    [17] Source

    AppleJack Plush by KarasuNezumi

    [18] Source

    Sleepy Applejack by WhittyKitty

    [19] Source

    Filly Applejack by KarasuNezumi

    [20] Source

    Life Size Applejack by KarasuNezumi

    [21] Source

    Applejack! by EarthenPony

    [22] Source

    Applejack plush by MangoIsland

    [23] Source

    Commission - Applejack custom by Nazegoreng

    [24] Source

    Baby Applejack by zuckerschnuti

    [25] Source

    Applejack Custom Plush by Nazegoreng

    [26] Source

    Applejack and Pinkie Pie by renegadecow

    [27] Source

    Lifesize 45 inch Applejack plush by DoubleBackstitchArts

    [28] Source

    Suited for Success Applejack custom MLP by thatg33kgirl

    [29] Source

    Applejack Needle Felt - Improved! by ChloeNArt

    [30] Source

    Applebucking Applejack by xofox

    [31] Source

    Applejack plushie with accesories by Epicrainbowcrafts

    [32] Source

    Baby Applejack! by EarthenPony

    [33] Source

    Applejack Cupcakes by FrozenNote

    [34] Source

    My Little Pony-dragons: Applejack by HowManyDragons

    [35] Source

    Show Accurate Applejack Hair by Shattered-Earth

    [36] Source

    Applejack Beanie plushie by Epicrainbowcrafts

    [37] Source

    Applejack in an Applejack Cup by EarthenPony

    [38] Source

    MLP: Applejack Bento by mindfire3927

    [39] Source

    Applejack My Little Pony FiM Sculpture Commission by Blackout-Comix

    [40] Source

    MLP Acrylight - AppleJack by VasGoTec

    [41] Source

    Applejack - new pattern! by PlanetPlush

    [42] Source

    Gala Applejack Custom Styling MLP by thatg33kgirl

    [43] Source

    applejack miniplush by MasterPlanner

    [44] Source

    Silver Mark of Applejack by SilverSlinger

    [45] Source

    Applejack! by EarthenPony

    [46] Source

    Applejack Charity Rocking Horse by xofox

    [47] Source

    Confident Applejack by EarthenPony

    [48] Source

    Prancing Applejack Woodwork by xofox

    [49] Source

    Applejack Scarf 1 by SmilingMoonCreations

    [50] Source

    MLP FiM: Applejack Ponydoll by sugarstitch

    [51] Source

    Applejack 3D Print [Bronycon] by Clawed-Nyasu

    [52] Source

    Ajs Finest. AppleJack Approved! by ArtNinja101

    [53] Source

    Applejack x Spike Massage by EarthenPony

    [54] Source

    Appletastic Treats! (Gala Applejack) by fireflytwinkletoes

    [55] Source

    Sitting Applejack Plushie by Yukamina-Plushies

    [56] Source

    Applejack Cross Stitch by sparklepeep

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