• Toy Review: Wrapping Up HasCon, Seapony Style

    Well what's up everypony! Borg here with a toy review I did while stuck in Providence, Rhode Island waiting on my flight out...which was the entire day as it turns out. So while at HasCon, I was given an MLP Movie Seapony Twilight Sparkle toy which I thought was the perfect thing to pass the time with. 

    Join me below for Hasbro HQ, Providence landmarks, statues, parks, sliders, and gay bars as I become the strangest thing in town walking around with a seapony! 

    Let's begin...

    So first thing is first. Here is our packaging. It's a bit crowded for collectors, i.e. it partially blocks the view of the toy, but this isn't the kind of toy you waste space with by leaving it in the packaging so I'll tear it open later for sure. While the call out says "Treasure Inside" it also points out Twilight's standing ability.

    Let's check out the back...

    Not much to it. Pretty simple. You can grab her for about $8 USD on Amazon here.

    Let's open her up!

    Sparkly! She has your standard brushable hair, high definition cutie mark on her flank tail fin, and a head that honestly took me way to long to realize it rotated. In addition is the trademark tail that swivels to allow the seapony toys to stand. 

    She comes with an accessory so let's but that on...

    That's a sick chain Twilight. Lick literally sick as in it makes you feel a little clammy...

    Anyway, let's open that up.

    A bit underwhelming. The packaging made it look like the pearl would be another color but who cares? You're gonna lose that necklace in no time anyway.

    Let's do a 360!

    So as you as you can see she only has the glitter on the one side along with the cutie mark, or you could if she didn't have her body weight in hair. The details in the fin though are the important thing. The fin is important because its nearly impossible to make this pony stand with out it.

    Let's try...

    Hmmmm nah. That won't work. Let's try something else...

    That didn't work either. 

    Random thought: Do Seaponies have a covering of body slime like fish? A mucous for protection and turbulence reduction? I can't imagine fur being hydrodynamic.  

    Do they have an air sack, called a swim bladder, to regulate buoyancy? Do dead Seaponies float upside down like this...

    Hey I got it to stand. This will only work on Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. What about Rarity and the earth ponies?

    Maybe Rarity can stand like this...

    Twilight Sparkle is best break dancer. 

    Where are we anyway?

    Ah, just outside Hasbro HQ. The building in the bottom left is the convention center where HasCon took place.

    Let's go for a walk.

    Statue shown for scale. I just noticed I placed Twilight directly under the gun. If only I had a barrel I'd have a joke then. 

    What else is good?

    Seapony Twilight is a pretty majestic toy for under 10 dollars. Each of the Mane6 Seaponies comes with the same clam necklace but their fins are all movie accurate.

    Let's keep walking...

    The quality of the toy was pretty good for being on the lower dollar end of their spectrum. Also, they seem to have given her a bit longer of a horn perhaps a more alicorn sized one to be exact. 

    Anyway, this gem of a walkway is hidden off the beaten path though any local could tell you where it is.

    Have a sign that explains the project.

    Awesome. Providence was full of culture, parks, historic architecture, water ways, and a heavy city ordinance requiring brick. Even the mall was brick.

    Let's see some of the water features. She is a seapony after all...

    I could honestly live here. Good people, great food, great climate, a constant breeze...

    To blow Twilight Sparkle into the water...

    Or would have if I didn't know that was going to happen. Sorry Twilight. Guess you;re not meant to swim in concrete, or the fishes for that matter.

    Let go grab her...

    Providence doesn't bother posting no skateboarding signs when they can just build stairs with rails that land you in the water.

    Let's find some fish food...

    Wow swimming up those stairs was tough after 3 days of con walking. Look how tired Twilight looks.

    Found another park on the way to lunch. Spotted a design class researching the architecture and design of a well and staircase feature.

    Anyway, despite seafood being the absolute perfect thing to eat for this review I decided that since Seaponies are omnivores like changelings, that some red meat was in order...

    We wandered into Harry's Bar and Burger and got us some tasty sliders and a great deal of water cause walking swimming all day is dehydrating. Twilight is a fish now after all. 

    Let's head out and see what else we can find!

    Another statue. This dude would be more epic if he was riding a Seapony...

    Like this. No this isn't Photoshopped. It's just a clever camera trick. Good isn't it?

    Let's go grab some coffee Booksmartfish...

    Nothing to do with the toy, I just thought it was unusual that "machine" is repeated five extra times. Like "make me six ATM machine sign designs" ended up with "made the sign boss." 

    Anyway, coffee time!

    I'm actually headed back to my hotel, The Dean, for my coffee. A tiny building with a number of surprises...

    Dat latte art tho. So it turns out my tiny hotel hides a plethora of things including a coffee and espresso bar, a sake and karaoke bar, and a damn-fine candle-lit speakeasy. A popular coffee spot for Hasbro employees to start their day or unwind after it. The rooms weren't bad either. 

    Also, the name of the coffee shop is called Bolt Coffee. Could this have helped inspire the name of the Wonderbolts? Probably not but it would be cool right?

    Let's head out. My flight is only a few hours away.

    The valet held onto to Twilight while I checked out. It's going to be a long flight with a longer layover so I figured a drink that was a bit stronger was in order.

    A quick Yelp and Google search revealed a place I absolutely had to take my little seapony. The Stable...

    Labeled as a gay bar on review sites, it not really noticeable except on Sunday afternoons when the place gets crowded. I ended up staring at the VirtualDJ playing music videos having flashback to my days in Ponyville Live. Another quiet place to unwind after a thrill of a convention.

    Props to the bar tender for keeping a straight face while I whipped it out...Twilight that is and asked him to make a drink of the same color. He's seen odder things like any bar tender would and he was aware of My Little Pony.

    He hooked me up...

    Not bad. The low light doesn't do it justice. Tasty to be sure. Equestria Daily would like to remind you to drink in gay bars with seapony toys responsibly. Anyway, I finished that up and asked Sparkle face to conjure me up another.

    Behold the power!

    That's the kinda magic the world needs! Nothing more pony than drinking a cider at The Stable the color of Twilight. Rainbow Dash would be jealous. 

    Let's put this in a glass and enjoy!

    Twilight was feeling a bit dry! Anyway after her soak it was time to catch an Uber and then my flight! So long Providence and HasCon!
    Hope you enjoyed this short little review. I know it's been a while since I did one but I have a bunch of toys I want to share with ya'll. Let me know in the comments what you thought of it and what else you'd like to see!

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