• My Little Pony Comic Releasing in Japan!

    It feels like forever since we've seen any news out of Japan when it comes to their official pony lineup stuff. The Manga released ages ago back in 2014, and was largely taken over by small fan groups creating offshoots. But now the IDW comics are getting a translated release in Japan was well! The My Little Pony Japanese Twitter page released this image of the cover, along with a big message about it.

    Their translated message:

    Translations of "my little pony" is finally here! Not only it's cute! Maine 6, CMC is a big success, the return of the Queen Chrysalis is a complete action blockbuster. Limited quantity cover version by Akira Himekawa, popular Illustrator are also available! 1,800 yen + tax 10/2017 7th on sale!  

    Here's to hoping we can get a hold of it once it releases in October. That style was ridiculously cute.

    Thanks to Ayu for sending it. 

    UPDATE: Turns out this was a translation of the IDW comic, not volume 2 of the manga. The post has been adjusted accordingly.