• Brony Mexi Con Will Continue Despite Recent Earthquakes

    The team over at Brony Mexi Con has announced that plans are still 100% on for their event on the 23rd of September. The venue was fortunately undamaged by the earthquakes that hit earlier this week.

    A roughly Google translated presser can be found below. They also plan to collect food and money for victims of the quakes. Head on down below for both of those.

    Keep updated on their facebook over here.

    Google Translated:

    As you may know, recently , several earthquakes have occurred in different parts of the country, and a few hours ago recorded one more in the areas surrounding the state of Puebla, including Mexico City.

    One of the members of our staff was present at the event hall where the BMC 2017 will be held, and reported that despite the earthquake, the facilities are in good condition and still suitable for use. By ta We would like to inform you that this year's BMC is still on, and will be held on September 23rd, as announced in its time.

    All members of the Staff of the Brony Mexi With we wish to send all our courage and strength to those who have been affected by the earthquake of today, and we wish them good luck to overcome this disaster.
    (This post will be updated)
    The staff of the Brony Mexi Con has made the decision to collect money and food for the victims. In addition to the auction, you can have benefits at some stands. Those shops that want to participate or artists who want to give a higher percentage of what they win in the auction please communicate inbox to the page. ...

    The food will be taken to UHM Lomas de Sotelo, provisional collection center next to the jalapas.
    Stores / Artists confirmed so far:
    - Nero Fledermaus, who will auction the products. - Scarlett Letter, who will give a 50% discount on their drawings to those who bring food for the collection.