• Story: Shadowtrot


    Author: Digodragon
    The year is 2070. Equestrian society thrives under the control of powerful world-spanning conglomerates known as Megacorporations. These entities fight for the business of the average consumer online, at the storefronts, and even within their homes. However, beneath the shadows the megacorporations secretly wage war with one another using deniable assets called Trotters; mercenaries specialized in the arts of espionage, sabotage, and extraction.
    In the bustling port city of Seaddle, the shadows run deep. A down-on-his-luck street doctor throws caution to the wind and enters the deadly world of Shadowtrotting. Here he could make his fortunes, or find his end. Trotters can come from all walks of life; go-gangers, crooked cops, runaways, military vets... but this former medic might find that they have more in common than they realize, and just maybe, a little friendship will help everyone see that even in the shadows there can be light.


    Additional Tags: Future Cyberpunk Equestria