• Community Soapbox #49 - MLP Movie and Fandom Revival, Starlight Vs. Cutie Marks, Magic Pony Armor, and More!

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    • Things to think about: “My little pony: The Movie” and the Fandom Revival
    • Future Potential of The Our Town Ponies
    • Pony Magic Armor
    • Starlight and Workings of The Cutie Marks
    • Did Mistmane create the Tree of Harmony?

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    Things to think about: “My little pony: The Movie” and the Fandom Revival
    By: Laura

    Only 30 days left until the My Little Pony movie comes out so I think there's some things that need to be kept in mind; that we all need to be reminded of, this movie will likely get the brony fandom a lot of new fans, likely younger kids or teenagers.

    Please remember that it is okay to become a fan of something late, don’t tell them they are not real fans just because they didn’t start watching the show when it aired back in 2010 we want our community to grow don’t we? THEN BE NICE TO THE NEW KIDS! Furthermore there will likely be some things in the movie that will be repeated for reintroduction for the new viewers such as: tribe mechanics, the princesses, the main 6’s elements, the sonic rainboom, Pinkie’s party cannon, Sweet Apple Acres etc. Just because we are familiar with these things doesn’t mean the kids watching are, so don’t get frustrated and be annoying in the theater because they take a moment to reintroduce old ideas.

    Also the characters may act a bit more like their elements than the show predicts so they can be easier to connect with, so Rainbow may be more aggressive with her antics and loyalty than usual, stuff like that. Please be patient with kids in the theaters too, please remember MLP is a kids show!

    All in all:

    Don’t be a dick

    Starlight and Workings of The Cutie Marks
    By: Ana

    Starlight is a character that has come to grow on us maybe since the first episode she starred in. Her rather unique power to erase cutie marks and even temporarily switch them as seen in A Royal Problem have got me questioning the real meaning of a cutie mark. Ponies earn theirs when they discover their 'special talent' and thus it ought to make them a one of a kind in both design and meaning. However, we've seen in Magical Mystery Cure how cutie marks play against their unrightful owners. They push them to do things they aren't meant to do or like to do while the equalizer cutie mark from The Cutie Map seems to take away both the skill and passion for the tasks overtime. A pony's unique gift with a vulnerable connection.
    This begs the question: What is the true nature of the cutie marks? A pony doing what feels right is the seemingly general catalyst but they seem to have the power to bind them to a certain tree of tasks in return.
    The fact Starlight's magic is influenced by her emotions could have to do with how she got her cutie mark and used it.

    Did Mistmane create the Tree of Harmony?
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    In “The Crystalling part 2”, Starlight jokingly suggests a spell to magically compel her and Sunburst to pick up where they left off in their friendship from when they were foals. One of the first spells that Sunburst rattles off is “Mistmane’s Material Amity”, and in the episode “Campfire Tales”, the legend states that Mistmane (after saving her friend) then decides to dedicate her life to spread beauty throughout Equestria. If this spell of hers was created during Mistmane’s mission, and this spell is one that “compels” ponies to foster their friendships, then I’m thinking that sounds an awful lot like what the Tree of Harmony does- its a beautiful tree in Equestria that bears elements that allows ponies to foster friendships and bring amity in a material form.Hard to argue when we've seen the elements used in such a way with Luna, Discord, and Sunset Shimmer.

    Pony Magic Armor

    I think we are all familiar with the amazing shield spells that the equestrian spell casters can conjure. But is a magic shield available only for those who can cast it visibly or is there something more to it? The show has pretty much told us that all ponies regardless of their race have some amount of magic and even other creatures. You have seen the ponies getting wrecked by various blows that would normally be fatal for us. My guess is that the magic from inside each pony acts as a protective shield to mitigate a lot of the damage taken and make ponies avoid injuries from those painfully looking hits. Some hits or magic beams are way too strong to stop with internal magic so unicorns have the ability to cast additional external protection in the form of various bubbles and shields. We have seen Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow dash and especially Pinkie pie get hit with deadly hits and while it did hurt them they are still in once piece. I think their raw inner magic is responsible for it. And speaking of earth pony magic, you cannot deny that Pinkie is the Deadpool of the earth pony race in terms of invulnerability.

    Future Potential of The Our Town Ponies
    By Booksmart

    There's no doubt that My Little Pony :Friendship Is Magic Has colorful and unique cast of main characters as well as secondary characters Too! And a certain group of secondary I Would Love to talk about is "The Our Town Ponies in Season 5 . Episodes 1 and 2 "The Cutie Map! " The Mane 6 were summoned to a mysterious village of ponies controlled by a unicorn mare Starlight Glimmer who was at the time their adversary who believed that to gain true friendship, one must sacrifice their individuality and cutie marks to gain Quality! also met 4 unique ponies: Night Glider , a brave dark blue , silvered bouffant maned female Pegasus adventurer with a crescent moon and 2 silver feathers . Sugar Belle , a sweet and soft spoken pink and purple female unicorn baker with a cupcake surrounded by jelly beans , Party Favor , a happy-go lucky, inventive light blue male unicorn balloonist and party pony. And Double Diamond , a radical snow white male Earth pony who is an adept snow skier ! After learning from the Mane 6 that Starlight Glimmer's philosophy on friendship, harmony and equality was one-sided, retrograded , two faced and legalistic ,They regained back Their cutie marks, personalities , and talents to foil Starlight Glimmer and also regained back our 6 main equine heroes cutie marks, personalities and talents back too! It was awesome and I fell in love with these awesome secondary characters as much as loved the 7 main characters! And now that Starlight Glimmer is now reformed , forgiven and their friend, Here's hoping for future episodes of the Our Town Ponies to appear in tto interact with the 7 main characters, Starlight Glimmer and The Equestrian Crew! Since Sugar Belle now has Big Macintosh as a boyfriend in "Hard To Say Anything" , the possibilities of character interaction and info of the characters are endless!