• Second Round of Suisse Ponycon Announced

    The second Swiss Pony convention has started it's preparation for another round of shenanigans over Lausanne. They already have a pretty extensive amount of information for you all to dive into if you happen to be in the this november. Head on down below the break for the presser!

    Short description:
    The Suisse Pony's Con 2 is a unique convention in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. It will take place near the big city of Lausanne, in a town called Morges. This young convention has been noticed for its good atmosphere and friendliness.
    It takes place on the 4 and 5 November at the theatre of Beausobre.

    Who organizes:
    It is organized by Brolvetique, a Swiss brony group composed of 20 or so members who regularly prepare some meetup each month. It is the Committee of this association who works tirelessly to organize this event and the numerous meetup during the year.

    The Suisse Pony’s Con 2 tries to innovate in its activities. The Con is proud to have the indispensable for its visitors like the classic karaoke or various retro games. She's trying to bring a fresh touch by providing a HTC vive with several mini-games. We are sure that you will enjoy this edition.

    You can meet this year three guests of qualities:

    OhPonyBoy: Animator, composer and Youtubers, OhPonyBoy is the creator of a physical album (Blobs are cute), a music series in English and French (The Stellae Key) and soon a serie fun and crazy (Melvin's Magic) which will be broadcasted in French on YouTube. This year, he will therefore present to us his work, his motivations and why not its future projects. He will bring with him his physical music album we talked about previously.

    StormXF3: This young resourceful leader is known for his videos "my little Pony in real life" and to get punched on his face when he decides to take the favorite book of Rainbow Dash! Not to mention the inevitable adaptation of the fiction “My little Dashie” who broke the most hardened of us! It will be the opportunity to meet him to discuss a little with him or even discover the mysteries lurking behind his videos.

    Perry Dotto: This German artist is well known in the European Community as the presenter at the Galacon. Initially she was only seller at the convention, but she became quite well known over time. For the first time, she comes in a Switzerland convention as co-presenter. She will also have a stand where she will make some commissions and sell her posters and  mugs.

    Close to 14 exhibitors will be present this year for the happiness of every visitor, we have selected stands that varies their offers to satisfy the desires of everyone.
    You will find plushies, posters, pins, mugs, plushies, cushions, a figurine and more plushies! You can also order from the talented artists who will be happy to draw your ponies in traditional art.
    And for the 1st time in Switzerland, a Plushiecon will be organized. The goal, providing the maximum of your stuffed animals to form a large army of colorful pony.

    The convention takes place on 4 and 5 November 2017

    Places :
    It is located in the theatre of beausobre in Morges. It is 5 minutes walk from the train station.

    You can choose between 3 tickets:
    If you can only come one day, a ticket is available for 25 CHF.
    If you want to come the entire weekend, the normal ticket, for 40 CHF, gives you access to the convention for the two days.
    And if you're rich and you want to please yourself, we have a ticket PLUS for 80 CHF which gives you access to the two days in the convention with some gifts: a t-shirt, a poster and a pins of the convention.

    Crowdfunding :
    If you are interested about this convention, we will be waiting you with open hooves! And if you want to help us, you can make a donation on the Crowdfunding Suisse Pony's Con 2 which will give you access to exclusive gifts in return like a mugs, an exclusive t-shirts and an exclusive poster.
    [LINK] https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/suisse-pony-s-con-2#/ [LINK]

    Conclusion :
    Thanks to all the people who is going to share this, donate or just talk about it. Without you, nothing is possible.