• Legends of Equestria Goes Live

    WeAreBorg here, in the city of HASCON, looking for a bar. But while I do that, I suggest you download the new and public Legends of Equestria because that's going live...Now! Look Celestia is already in there. Go show her what's up.

    Hit me up below for download links and what not.

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    Alrighty so here is the downlow on the download:

    Go here to legendsofequestria.com/downloads.
    Make sure you have 800 Mb of free space.
    Click on a link for your device. I recommend direct download links.
    Wait for Mega to do its downloady thing
    Eat a cookie
    Unzip it if you need to.
    Launch that sucker.
    Make a pony
    Do quests or dance in the streets

    Now have a cute Ellowee...