• HASCON: My Little Pony Season 7 & 8 Panel - Spoilers Galore!

    Big new s coming out of HASCON today with the MLP Season 8 panel feature Meghan McCarthy, Gillian Berrow, Jason Theissen, and Josh Haber. Major Season 7 and 8 news below. Left a space for those who wish to only see the Season 7 spoilers.

    Join me below for SPOILERS, duh...

    Season 7 Spoilers 

    So right after Josh got done telling how much he liked his the Scooby-Doo vibe he added for "Castle Mane-ia", Meghan jumped right into the showing of clips. Starting out we have two Season 7 spoilers from clips we saw!

    First we saw a clip from "It Isn't the Mane Thing About You" where due to Pinkie's outrageous silly string Pinkie and Rarity, who has the string in her mane, venture to Zecora's to get help cleaning up Sugar Cube corner and Rarity's mane. Zecora makes a potion for Pinkie to eliminate that which you concentrate on and Rarity a shampoo to restore her hair which also requires concentration.

    Due to Rarity's bumbling, the two potions are mixed up resulting in Rarity eliminating most of her mane, and Pinkie Pie, well all we know is that the Cake twins were helping and started cleaning each other...maybe they get huge?!

    Second was a clip from "Marks and Recreation" where jam-making time with the CMC and campers is interupted by fan favorite blank flank, Rumble. Rumble then proceeds to tell ponies, Starlight Glimmer style, that cutie marks are bad and prevents you from doing the things you love...all in a song! That's right not only does Rumble get a voice, but he gets to sing and be the antagonist! Epic episode ahead!

    Also we think we recognize the voice from the MLP Christmas Album as none other than Vincent Tong!

    On to Season 8 spoilers!
    Scroll down or leave now. You have been warned! :)

    Okay so if they made hints all weekend and finally confirmed that elements from the movie will be making their way into the show including Seaponies like Silver Stream here!

    In addition, in case it gets taken down, but an animatic shown during the panel was posted to Youtube showing the return of Chrysalis. Likely the season opener, the former queen disguises herself as photographer of a historical society and takes pics of the Mane 6 and steals a hair from each as she pretends to make them pretty for the pictures. Uninterested in Starlight Glimmer she fails to get a hair from her. From this we can conclude it is up to Starlight Glimmer to once again save the Mane6 from Chrysalis' revenge. What does she have in store this time????