• Neural Network Designs MLP Pony Names

    We've been getting this one in our inbox the past day or so and it's pretty neat I think! A science and apparent pony fan recently ran 1500 pony names from the show (obtained through the MLP Wiki) through a neural network! Neural networks are modeled after the human brain and are used to solve problems, recognize patterns, ect in a similar fashion. Once the network had its hands on the names it started to recognize common themes and patterns in pony names and started to create its own, generating pony names... though with varying success.

    Ranging from names that sound right to, well, not so right, it's a fun read! And I'm sure if some artists are particularly inspired we might get some faces to these names.

    For the rest of us, why not use the pony creator the author used to render some of these ponies in the flesh? Post links to your creations in the comments!

    A big thanks to everyone who sent this in!


    Twitter: Calpain