• Exclusive Cover for My Little Pony The Movie Prequel Trade Paperback Coming to a Scholastic Book Fair Near You!

    I don't know which cover I like more. The standard cover that will be everyone starting on Tuesday, or this one which will be available only at Scholastic Book Fairs Starting on August 29th… which is also Tuesday.

    Not to self, double check calendar before making hype posts to keep from making fool of self.

    Anyways, for the first time since the Trade Paperback Release of Adventures in Friendship Volume 4—so a while ago—IDW Publishing has commissioned Tony Fleecs for a brand new Scholastic Book Fair Exclusive Cover. Just look at the composition of the characters on that cover! It is amazing! It is incredible! It is…

    Dear lord Capper is one very tall kitty cat.

    If you happen to be attend a school which hosts a book fair, or you have a little sibling/kid which does, consider possibly having them pick it up. The three issues that have been released thus far have been a ton of fun! Plus it is the perfect way to get ready for the Movie which is coming out in 5 weeks!