• Everfree Tarot Card Set With Impressive Art on Indiegogo

    A new Tarot card project has been completed by a Korean brony named Jee Heon. The set currently has a huge amount of cards already drawn up in a more painterly style, with several different Equestrian races making an appearance throughout. Right now the 78 card set is pretty much ready to go and already set for the $30 mark, but there are a few other tiers to choose from if you are looking for something a bit more in depth than just the cards themselves.

    Head on over here to check it all out! A FAQ and more images can be found below the break as sent out by the press release.

    1. About Everfree Tarot

    is designed to satisfy both fans of traditional TV shows and tarot card collectors. So it was similar to the style of the TV show, but I added artistry by painting a little more antique. In addition, I took the concept of 'Unknown History' and put a completely new story on each card. This story is not an official history, but if you like conspiracy theories, you can enjoy new fun by reading the enclosed guidebooklet.

    2. Is this a Official stories?

    Absolutely no. just look at the Devil card. This is inadequate to become an official story.

    3. there is so many races. why?

    Policy Correctness? hah. kindding. I wanted to say that Equestria is not for ponies only. There are many tribes living in this land, each with its own story. It will make the world view more abundant.

    4. I want to know the specifications of the thing.

    70mm * 121mm
    No material decided.(But that's will be Low frictional material)
    full color (CMYK)

    5. what is the booklet?

    If you visit my Deviatart site and see the card image, you will find that there is a sentence written in Korean under it. In the booklet, the Korean Description will be supplemented and translated with the image. It is essential for those who use this card for psychic purposes.

    6. Did you consider making it include Main 6?

    yes I was.

    but Hasbro is a copyright monster. I scared...