• Bonus Music #69

    Cow pone is relaxing with some music. You should do it too.

    Get a bunch of songs that didn't quite hit spotlight below.

    [1] Source

    Viricide Filly - Spearmint (ASoS: Lollipop) (Downtempo/trip-hop) by ViricideFilly

    Instrumental/Vocal Chops - Downtempo/Trip-Hop

    [2] Source

    Totalspark - Wishes by OfficialTotalspark

    Instrumental - Chill House

    [3] Source

    You're In My Head Like A Catchy Song (MLP Cover) - Rockin'Brony by Rockin'Brony

    Vocal - Rock

    [4] Source

    [Chillout] Greyfade - At Night [ASoS: Lollipop] by Greyfade

    Instrumental - Chillout

    [5] Source

    NightCrow - Path of the Warrior [Trance] by Night Crow

    Instrumental/Spoken Word - Trance

    [6] Source

    Lorris - Another Way [ASOS Lollipop] by Lorris

    Instrumental/Vocal Chops - Synthwave

    [7] Source

    Best Friends Until the End of Time - Songbird Choir Remix by SongbirdChoir

    Vocal - Electronic

    [8] Source

    Tsyugiri - Moonlight [Progressive House] by EBM Musicans

    Instrumental - Progressive House

    [9] Source

    Raizr - Starlight (Music Video) by Raizr

    Instrumental - House

    [10] Source

    Oh Boy.. by KaleKatz

    Instrumental - Dubstep

    [11] Source

    .wavMangler - Clowns at the Bonfire by Phonic Boom

    Instrumental - Experimental Electronic