• Equestria Girls Special Followup: Movie Magic

    It appears this followup got lost in the mix and forgotten for a short time. Sorry about that, folks. But we're bringing it to you now, the followup to the second Equestria Girls Special; Movie Magic. Let's dive into it after the break!

    As with all these followups, there are a fair share of images and even some gif images below the break. As such, it may take a little time for the page to fully load.

    Yeesh, and you thought listening to die-hard fans online and at conventions could get tiring. This poor director is going to be interrupted by Dash every 30 seconds during the filming of this movie. On the plus side, at least all the details will be right on point. I mean, could you just imagine drawing the ire of hundreds, even thousands, of fans such as Dash? It'd be like after the release of an Equestria Girls film.

    Wait a minute...

    Ya caught me. I'm just including this scene due to the cute expression Twilight has. Her mouth is nearly a :3

    Spike and Pinkie, always thinking with their stomachs. Not being much of a baker myself, I had to look up what a "cupcake fountain" was. It's an arrangement of cupcakes placed on sheets in tiers. It's in fact not an actual fountain of cupcakes. I was mildly disappointed.

    I just like seeing these two nerding out together. It's fun to see two fairly different types of characters and personalities so strongly share a common interest.

    *insert meme joke here*

    Wow, Twilight actually beat Dash to the crate containing the set props. Nerd powers activate!
    Plus just look at that smile. Twilight, if you keep grinning like that it's going to get stuck.

    Oh, look who it is. This is our first scene with Jumpier Montage in it. Seeing her here and writing this followup after writing the Mirror Magic followup feels a bit odd, if I'm honest.

    It's not incredibly noticeable, but for a brief moment, Juniper makes this sorta evil expression after noting she knows the movie studio like the back of her hand. A line of dialogue worth keeping in mind.

    She then explains in a mildly annoyed tone how she tried to convince her uncle to cast her in the films' lead role as Daring Do, but he wouldn't go for it.

    Before finally offering to show the excited Twilight and Dash some film sets that are usually locked since she has keys to pretty much every door in the studio.

    Hmm, it's almost like these three pieces of information might be very important to the plot of this special, hmm...

    That's actually not too shabby a food spread. I'd offer to be in the film just to partake in all the food!

    This studio has six different kinds of fondue and two rooms with nothing but candy in them. That's not counting that cupcake fountain these two are still searching for. That settles it. This film studio is a dentist's worst nightmare. And a Pinkie Pie's dream.

    I do love a good old-fashioned shock and awe montage.

    Y'know, I just realized something. Seeing that camera in back of him in this scene and remembering that this is a film studio everything is taking place in, I gotta wonder why they simply haven't set up a couple cameras to silently film the sets if they suspect tomfoolery might be at play. But perhaps they didn't before now. On that note, you would think there would be security cameras in the building and someone would have thought to take a gander at the footage by now.

    There has to be at least one Scooby Doo reference in this followup somewhere. This whole episode is basically Equestria Girls meets Scooby Doo after-all.

    I just like the little hand gesture Sunset does in this scene.

    Does anyone else think taking Pinkie Pie on a mission that centers around stealthily gathering information might not be the best choice?

    It's a good thing Applejack hearkened back to the old shadowy figure trope, else it could have been much more difficult to find the perpetrator.

    On that note, it strikes me as a bad idea to mask yourself in some long dark shadowy cloak if you're trying to be inconspicuous. But if you do happen to get spotted in the middle of doing something, at least those who see you won't know your actual identify, such as here. Seems to have some pluses and negatives to it.

    Looks like someone is going to need another day at the spa. But at least Rarity seems to be maintaining her composure pretty well given the circumstances.

    Oh wait, nevermind. It's a good thing Dash is super quick!

    On another note, the background music playing during this chase scene is pretty fun. Sorta reminds me of the music you'd hear playing during chase scenes in older cartoons.

    Here Dash makes note on how hard it is to catch someone when they know their way around an environment better than you do. Another important key piece of information.

    They may have lost the shadowy figure, but there was one victory. Pinkie Pie finally found the cupcake fountain!

    Well, look who it is! This is certainly a nice little throwback.

    Seems the girls were accidentally mistaken for the actors in a new Power Ponies film. Makes sense. I think they should just ditch their original actors wherever they are and hire the main cast here.

    Applejack gets bonus points for her heightened awareness. This is the second time she's been the one to point out the shadowy figure. Applejack is a credit to her team.

    There always has to be at least one occurrence of this happening, haha. Classic.

    This was a really fun sequence of scenes right here. I'm not completely certain if the first two frames are in reference to any movies in particular, other than the first one simply looking like it's from the Noir genre, but I'm fairly certain I know what that third bottom frame is in reference to.

    As Pinkie points out, this is the set to a film called "Stormy With a Side of Pudding". Pretty sure I know this film reference too.

    Y'know, anytime I see a net trap someone like this, it always feels like it wouldn't be terribly difficult to just grab it at the bottom and lift it up off yourself. Then again, having never been trapped under a net like this before, I can't truly claim to know how difficult it would be to break free of one. I have a feeling someone is going to chime in and explain it's not nearly as easy as you might think.

    Dash, watch out for that conveniently-placed bucket of pudding!

    But I'm sure you can see where the pudding as a plot device is coming into play here.

    Dash's reaction here: "2spoopy4me!"

    Not sure if this guy was really in reference to anything in particular. I think he's just your generic sea monster. But if you think he was in reference to something, let me know down in the comments!

    His colors actually sorta remind me of Spike.
    Spike's father revealed?!
    Kidding, kidding!

    Rainbow Dash always dresses in-*gets microphone taken away*

    This Daring Do costume is of course the very one that went missing in the beginning of the film.

    Unfortunately, while admiring the pretty wardrobes, Dash let's herself get distracted and locked into the prop storage room.

    And here's where the trail of pudding comes into play of course, leading the rest of the main cast back to the now trapped Dash. Great for them. Not so great for the janitor.

    You'd think they would be used to Pinkie and her special brand of physics by this point. This is pretty much just a normal occurrence in the everyday life of Pinkie Pie.

    Also, doesn't this just make you wonder what other sorts of things she's hiding within her hair? What secrets to life, the universe, and everything are hidden within the depths of those pink locks?

    Eventually the trail of pudding leads them back to Dash, but she's still locked inside the storage room. Luckily, Twilight had her magical geode, allowing her to unlock the door. Something noteworthy to the story here was how the door seemed to be locked from the outside with the use of a key.

    Another one of those silly scenes I'm just going to leave up to your imagination to caption.

    Who's that Pokemon Equestria Girl?!

    It's Pikach-no wait, it's Juniper Montage. Caught in the act.

    Juniper then attempts to play it off as her simply finding the missing prop relics. As you might have guessed, this angle doesn't work out so well for her. She's also wearing a long shadowy black cloak. I think this is one of those instances I mentioned earlier where the shadowy cloak might do more harm than good.

    Twilight then gives the rundown on how she figured out it was Juniper who took the relics. How she was forced to hide them in the first place she could find. How they spotted her trying to move them. How she was able to trap and loose them due to her "knowing every inch of the place like the back of her hand". How she was able to lock Dash into the storage room with her set of keys to "just about every door in the place". Which then gave her the time she needed to hide the relics in the location she was finally caught in.

    Not too shabby, Twilight. Not too shabby. Next thing you know, she'll be solving mysteries with a dog by her side. Oh wait...

    Smug Twilight best Twilight.

    Juniper then explains her reasons for why she sabotaged the film. Those being her great dislike for Chestnut, the actor her uncle cast as Daring Do, and her anger for not getting the Daring Do role herself. It was her hope that if enough went wrong, Chestnut would end up backing out of the movie and she would be given the lead role instead.

    Her reasons go over about as smooth as you might expect. Her uncle ends up asking for the studio keys back and kicking her off the studio lot entirely.

    This guard is just thinking: "Jeez, what is it this time?"

    As she's being escorted away, Juniper turns back to give the main cast a very long menacing grimace.

    Juniper Montage used: Angry Grimace!

    It's super effective!

    Another classic film trope; finger framing!

    As a reward for their efforts in saving the film, Mr. Zoom agree's to give them all small background roles in it. Pretty cool reward!

    The gypsy look suits Sunset rather well I think.

    Of course Applejack's role would involve apples, haha.

    I think street juggler actually suits Pinkie pretty well. And Spike is adorable in his fez and vest. Fezzes are cool.

    Twilight with books. Business as usual.

    Here we have Fluttershy, uhh... being in the way, hah. But she's being extra kind and gentle about it at least.

    I still say Daring Do may have gone a little too heavy on the makeup and eye shadow this day.

    Dash actually seems to have a more pivotal role in the film by throwing Daring Do her lasso. I bet she's pretty excited...

    Oh yeah, she's definitely excited.

    And that's a wrap!

    All-in-all it was an enjoyable special. If I'm honest, the perpetrator was pretty obvious from quite early on. But considering this is aimed at the younger crowd, that's not very surprising of course. It had it's fair share of fun moments and I like how they included plenty of references to actual movies. I think it would have been a big missed opportunity had they not. This is the second special and sets up and leads us into the third and final special; Mirror Magic. Which you can find the followup to over here! And if you'd like to read the followup to the first special; Dance Magic, that can be found over here!

    So good citizens of the community, what did you think of it?