• Nightly Roundup #1423

    I imagine Applejack would take to space pretty well! It can be a harsh place with strange new environments yet at the same time those environments would be great sources of new and exciting crops to farm and sell.

    News is here my friends! Get it all after the break!

    Tonight's Stories

    Button Mash plays Friday the 13th| THE GREAT ESCAPE!

    Button has returned with a new game as he tackles Friday the 13th!

    Wacom Spotlights Brony Artist Tsitra360

    In a cool little nod to the pony community, Wacom's Twitter account recently spotlighted some fan art of Brony artist Tsitra360. Nicely done!

    Check out the full story here!

    Dimensional Shift {Teaser}

    We have a little teaser for a new radio play/animated series for you guys tonight! Check it out above and follow the channel if you're interested at the link below where updates will be posted.

    Check out the full story here!

    The Lover's Stone Episode 2 - Trailer #2

    "After a long anticipated wait we now have a release date for episode 2 of The Lover's Stone! In this episode we expect some drama, some guilt, new characters, and 3 new songs!"

    Major League Pony: Episode 2: Making Friends Part 2

    Ready for a blast from the past as we dive into episode 2 of the show with a new Major League Pony?

    Warning: Mature themes.

    Community Artwork

    We've got some more community art for you guys tonight!

    Source - Adean

    My Little Pony Season 7 - Episode 10: A Royal Problem CENSORED!

    Ready for some more censored fun? Get it up above!

    A Royal Problem Transcript

    Alan is back with a new transcript for you guys today! Get it down below.


    What Lurks Outside The Door (mlp/grimdark/creepypasta)

    Want something a bit scary before bed? Sometimes there's nothing like reading or listening to scary stuff with the lights off right before going to sleep. I should really check out nosleep again sometime...

    Adorkable Twilight Dubber Opens Ask Sunbursts Voice

    "Hello!! I'm the same actor who is on board with Friendship is Pandering, and submitted the Adorkable Twilight comic dub! I started an ask blog called ask-sunbursts-voice.tumblr.com and am going to be making the asks I answer there and in the comments of my videos into its own series!"

    Spectacular (Spectacle Extended Cover) - Guitar Hero 3 Plus Showcase

    Have some Brony musician music charted into Guitar Hero 3!

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    Composer Seeking Lyricist/Co-Writer

    I'm a musician and songwriter seeking a co-writer, particularly someone experienced in writing lyrics, who is interested in writing some original MLP songs. My aim is to put together some one-off songs in a range of different styles, from jazz to ballads to Broadway to music hall.

    A co-writer with instrumental knowledge is preferred but not required. While I've primarily handled composition and orchestration (rather than lyrics) for MLP songs in the past, I'm flexible as to how we share musical and lyrical duties or whether we each handle one half of the equation. If you are interested, please send an email to [email protected] with an example of your work. Hope to hear from you soon!

    [email protected]

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    Can You Conquer All Of Equestria With Just One Rock?

    Top 5 Emotional Moments in My Little Pony

    Over the years of My Little Pony airing it has been able to get across powerful emotional scenes that can just make you get all teary-eyed. So I decided to pick 5 of the saddest moments in My Little Pony.

    Brony Brunch Sunday Podcast (Episode 11)

    Today we talk about:
    -Nora 15 second thought of a royal problem
    -MLP trailer being dropped soon
    -MLP running festival cancelled
    -March against bronies situation
    -Q and A

    Muffin Reacts || MLP:FiM S7 E10 [ A Royal Problem ]

    The MBS Show Episode 267

    Hey there Bronies and Pegasisters!

    In today’s episode of The MBS Show, we are joined by some old friends. Join us as we talk and discuss about the MLP news of the week and more. It's going to be an awesome episode!!!

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    - https://goo.gl/qAfn0J

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    Today In Pony History

    June 13, 2011-2016

    2011 - Ponies appear at Calgary Stampede.

    2012 - 8-bit Hub Network ID.

    2013 - Ponies in the news again.

    2014 - Mentally Advanced 15 released!

    2015 - Episode 100 airs, Super Mario All-Stars gets ponified.

    2016 - Equestria Girls returns to theaters.

    Twitter: Calpain