• Ponies in the News: Slate Misses the Mark, Daily News and BetaBeat want Ponies Back

    We have a few articles floating around the internet due to the release of Equestria Girls in a few days.  Over at Slate, they appear to think we are overall celebrating the idea that ponies have been transformed into humans, specifically for adult purposes.  The article goes so far as to recommend Googling said adult content for details.  I'm going to lean toward ShortPacked on that one.

    And on the other side of the fence, both BetaBeat and Daily News have released articles expressing dislike for the idea of humanized ponies, primarily due to their doll-like figures. Daily News brought in some parents of the real target demographic to speak their minds on the topic.  It's actually pretty interesting to see what they have to say. 

    I'm sure loads of these will pop up as EQG goes mainstream.  Thanks to Masem for sending these over!