• Gaming Index Updated!

    Boy, it has been awhile since I've updated the Gaming Index, probably about a year since the last significant update from the looks of things. Due to school and all sorts of things piling up I let the emails pile up and as a result updating it became more and more daunting.

    Now that I have some free time again I've been busy plugging away at it and have added a bunch from our emails!

    Check on after the break for the update list.

    If you have a game, guild, server, mod or anything that matches a category in our Game Index, send it into submit@equestriadaily.com.

    Since the Index has grown a bit large over time please also let us know of any broken links or changes in game, mod, server ect status at the email above.

    Gaming Index

    Games Added:
    Sulfur Nimbus - Platformer/Action
    Daring Do Flash Game - Platformer/Action
    Day Dreaming Derpy - RPG
    Fall of AnterFOLD - Horror/Co-op
    Rise of Axoria - MOBA
    Sector EQ - Platformer/Action
    The Town That Feared Nightfall - Horror/Mystery
    Gardens of Equestria: The Coming Storm - Fallout Equestria RPG/Action

    Game Mods/ROM Hacks Added:
    Filly Fantasy 6 added under Final Fantasy 6 mods.
    Added some Fallout 4 mods.
    Added tons of Fallout: New Vegas mods.
    Added tons of Fallout 3 mods.
    Added tons of Skyrim mods.
    Added mod list for War Thunder.
    Updated Mine Little Pony source.
    Added link to huge link of Garry's Mod mods.
    Added mod for Kerbal Space Program.
    Added mods for XCOM 2.
    Added many Civ5 civilizations.

    Servers/Guilds/Clans/Ect Added:
    New Equestria Minecraft server added.

    Tabletop Added:
    Added a massive separate index with tabletop games.
    Added tabletop rules for adding ponies into D&D 5e.
    Added in Tails of Equestria to the list.
    Added Twilight's Secret Shipfic Folder

    Twitter: Calpain