• A Day at Disneyland with Andrea Libman at EQLA!

    The fun continues over at EQLA as they announce A Day At Disneyland with Andrea Libman! Only 3 tickets are available for this amazing event starting at noon this Friday so get it quick if you want a once in a lifetime experience.

    Get the full details after the break!

    Equestria LA is pleased to announce the first of several special, ticketed events that will be available to 2017 attendees: A Day at Disneyland with Andrea Libman, voice of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy!
    A total of 3 tickets will be available for this once-in-a-lifetime experience, and each ticket includes:
    • 1-day entrance to Disneyland Park in Anaheim, Ca for November 20, 2017 . You may arrive and depart the park at your own discretion, but will be given a "meet up" time and location to join Ms. Libman, other ticket holders and EQLA support staff.
    • Up to 8 hours enjoying Disneyland rides and attractions with voice actress Andrea Libman, culminating with...
    • ...dinner at a sit-down restaurant on Disney Resort property including meal and a beverage of your choice. Blue Bayou is likely and our goal, but final choice pending reservation availability. (Lunch and snacks [ahem...Dole Whip] will be the responsibility of each person, and will happen at the discretion of the group.)
    • Electronic copies of all Disney Photo Pass photos taken of the group throughout the day, including those taken on rides and by Disney staff photographers.
    • Memories to cherish for many years to come.
    A-list and Star Sponsor membership tiers get discounted, early-access to these 3 tickets starting at noon PST on Friday, June 9, 2017  at a price of $699. If any tickets remain after 2 weeks, they will be made available to all other membership holders at the regular price of $750. You may purchase a Star Sponsor membership and "Day at Disneyland" ticket at the same time. Click Register on our menu above to get started.
    1. What if I already bought a membership badge in a tier lower than Star Sponsor?
    You can wait 2 weeks and hope there are still tickets left. Or, if you wish to grab a ticket early you must 1) register for a new Star Sponsor membership using a different email address but the same legal name and birth date as your other badge (note: the Star upgrade option will not open early-access for events...sorry), 2) send an email to registration@equestriala.com with your legal name, birth date and both email addresses used, and 3) allow 7-10 business days for processing of a refund on your original, lower-tier membership. This is the only condition under which a refund will be issued.
    2. Why is this event so expensive?
    This event is not cheap or easy to pull off. The price was not picked out of thin air; rather it was determined based on costs and calculations in a spreadsheet. 3 tickets also means there are not economies of scale to help bring the price down. No, the con is not making a whole lot of money. We just thought this was cool and worth the effort.
    3. Why are there only 3 tickets available?
    Our Disney-experienced staff members firmly believe that Disneyland is more fun with a small group. We want this event to be worth it for ticket-holders.
    4. Can't I just go to Disneyland that day, find you guys and join you for cheaper?
    Nope. An EQLA staff member will accompany the group at all times, and will politely request that you leave and not follow the group. If there is a problem beyond that (and we really hope it won't come to this) our staff are well-aware of how to find Disneyland security. We don't want to be jerks, but we have to be fair to those who spent a lot of money for this experience and we also want Ms. Libman to have a good time, too.
    5. What if I'm an Annual Pass holder and don't need the Disney ticket?
    We will refund a portion of the event price to you on the day of the event. We'll need a screenshot from a Disney website or app showing that November 20 is not a block-out date for your pass.

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