• Discordant Harmony and The Perfect Pair - Possible Early Airing Reminder (It Aired)

    At the moment it's looking like "Discordant Harmony" and "The Perfect Pair" will be airing early in Australia over the next two days. We don't have anyone sending in stream events for said episodes, and both are apparently airing on Boomerang, which is a part of the more expensive cable packages over there.

    If they do air, it will be at 10:40 PM PST tonight.

    As always, if they do pop up somewhere we will of course let you know. Expect a regular episode post over the next few hours if they do, otherwise we will just have to wait. Seems fitting for a Discord episode.

    If any of our Australian pony friends are reading this and are willing to stream and/or upload the episode please contact us! Barring that can we at least have confirmation on whether the episodes have aired?

    Thanks guys! - Cal