• Registration on Alpha Test of Sunrise of Axoria now opened

    The creators of Fall of AnterFOLD have a new game they wish to present to you guys tonight! Called Sunrise of Axoria it's a pony MOBA style game that has just entered alpha stage.

    They are looking for people to help test it out so if you're a fan of MOBAs and ponies, give it a whirl and provide some feedback!

    Get the full details after the break.

    Hello guys,we started the first pony MOBA: Sunrise of Axoria. This game will be for bronies and no this doesn't mean we going are going to beat giants of this genre, but be sure we will create a good balance between hardcore and fun.We need only your help.

    Sunrise of Axoria will be the opposite to the dark bloody style of Fall of Anterfold.

    - Alternative item's system.
    - Races and Classes,for example earth pony can be only tank or warrior.
    - Alternative spells system, each one from three parameters will be affects only on specified ability.

    And more

    Please visit our forum and help us with creating a good community of bronies.

    Twitter: Calpain