• "Hard To Say Anything" Episode Followup

    Hello everyone! ABagOVicodin here with another clever, insightful, and interesting followup that everyone definitely asked for. We have another new writer cutting their teeth with this episode so let's see what non-Love Potion shenanegians our favorite Crusaders are up to. Followup for "Hard To Say Anything" after the break.

     Well I thought I was covering a CMC episode. I guess not. I can't wait for these new characters to grow!

      It's always the quiet ones that are into the weird stuff. Dating a unicorn? I'm sure some fanfiction authors are waiting to write a story on how that's a bad idea.

     "So, what actually does happen when my brother and Sugar Belle love each other very much?"
    "Love Potion?"
    "No, not this time."

     Hello new writer! Welcome to the fandom, let me be your guide. On the left, you'll see instant judgment over everything you do. On your right, you'll see talented individuals who inspire our fandom and make it grow. In front of us are the episode reviewers. Don't worry about them, we'll just run over them.

    "Rainbow Dash says she made me this from some factory. Sounds awesome!"

    "Rarity gave me this a year ago. She says I look better in it."

     "Wow, your relationships with your sisters are pretty awful. This was my mom's."

     "Hey girls, let's use the dating conventions of thousands of years ago to help Big Mac out!"
    "There's no way this will end badly."
    Narrator: And yet it ended badly.

    /r/ usirl when the Nightly Discussion is late. 

     Target acquired. Operation "Get Big Mac a Date For Real This Time Without Any Potions Or Whatever" is a go.

     "My adopted mother told me that binoculars are tools by Celestia to contaminate the Cloudsdale water. She left me when I was nine."

     Are we just going to ignore those eyes? Those are baking eyes. They're going to bake so many cakes in that house. A lot of baking...

     "So that's what happens..."
    "That cake is huge!"
    "I want a taste of that cake."

     You know it's true love because the scene goes all sparkly when they see each other.

     Oh I can't wait for all the apple delicacies! Apple strudels and pies and cakes and watches and phones and factories and suicide nets! Starlight forgot to take those down.

     Subtle, Apple Bloom. If subtlety looked like this.

     You know all those chores and errands that you always have to do? I know a way you can... skip out on them~

     I've always found that odd. That anyone in Equestria can just be reading and they're suddenly freaked out by the main character telling them that their laundry's done or whatever. Every background character must have high blood pressure if that's the case.

     Oh hey Mandopony! I thought you were like... with someone else? Or riding off that Picture Perfect Pony money?


     I'm not sure, if he's juggling balls, maybe he isn't really interested in Sugar Belle? I'm just saying... clowns usually don't get girlfriends.

     Yes, Sweetie Belle, fairy tales are the perfect criteria to base relationships and love. That's why Rarity is doing so well, huh?

     Who's this new character that tried to steal from Sugar Belle? That cutie mark looks familiar...

     "To be honest, I lost hope the moment you put me in this."

     That's a wedding carriage. It looks like one, moves like one, and talks like one. Except that last one. I lied about the talking.

     "We'll get it this time, we're about to have a commercial break! The plot can't afford to last longer!"

     Oh I know how this song goes! Dirt road, cold beer, blue jeans, red pickup. Rural noun, simple adjective.

     Oh hey it's that iconic pose from that one album and that one thing! I'm totally cultured guys. Please laugh.

     That's a lot of apples just for that one bit. Did you know that last year, we throw away 1/2 of all produce according to The Guardian? Never say you don't learn anything with one of Vicodin's followups.

    Still on that theory that Sugar Belle isn't choosing him. No one dates gardeners. 

     Oh god, we tried to impress her so hard that it backfired against us. That's never happened before! Well at least it wasn't Pinkie again. Just someone who has the same model, almost the same hair style, and bakes for a living.

     "Oh that's why it didn't help us. This book is for little girls. These morals wouldn't apply anyway."

     "Hey, you. I know we messed with your entire day and ruined a day's worth of work, but I've found a way to make it all better! Skip town."

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    Oh hey Pinkie, I didn't know you were in this episode! I missed you. Also Big Mac totally helped her. He's in there. Her heart. I'm talking about her heart. 

     Muzzle nuzzles! 

    "You know girls, I think we really learned a lesson today about tampering with other pony's relationships."

     "Lol nevermind."

     So let me get this straight. You have your own entourage of guy singers. You can sing yourself, juggle, you have (relatively) clever pickup lines, and you almost got a girl if it wasn't for Main Character Syndrome... I know that feel dude.

    Well if the Cutie Mark Crusaders can get a date for an imaginary horse, I think it's time they took on their biggest challenge yet: the end of the episode.

    Welp that's all for me this week. Certainly a strong episode that had echoes of a few other memorable scenes such as the Goof Off and Pinkie's expressions in earlier seasons. I enjoyed this episode and I hope you all did too! And finally, I hope Becky Wangberg has another episode lined up for us soon. I hope you all have a good weekend, I'm going to collapse asleep after finals absolutely annihilated me. ABagOVicodin out.