• Community Soapbox #32 - Earth Ponies Vs. The Rest, Who is Rainbow Blaze?, and More!

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    Your headlines this week:

    • My Recipe for an Awesome S7 Ending
    • Merry May and Other Underrated BG Ponies
    • Earth Ponies Vs. Others
    • Rainbow Blaze Speculation
    • Another Starlight Rant, Grab Your Popcorn

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    Earth Ponies Vs. Others
    By: Daniela

    There're three primary races in ponykind. Each one has an ability that makes them stand out, like unicorns' magic, pegasi flight and earth ponies'... connection with nature?

    Well, growing crops may not sound interesting, but it's important for a sustainable life. Problem is, this special connection to nature is not-so-special, since other races can be connected too depending on their talent, like Fluttershy. So, what else do earth ponies have? Strength? That's more proper, but there also are other strong races. Like Bulk Biceps.
    This all makes earth ponies seem inferior, unless the explicitly give them an ability.

    Earthies are in a way "disabled". Picture this situation: A pony must reach a kite in a tall tree. A unicorn can levitate the kite and get it. A pegasus can just fly and get it. But an earthy would've to...kick the tree till the kite falls down? That's lame.
    I'm surprised there hasn't been an earth pony rebellion, they must use their mouths for everything (and heads) meanwhile unicorns use magic and pegasi use hand-like wings (though not always). It's even been hinted how unfair their lifestyle is. "Now all I have to do is write it again! With my mouth..."
    I guess I'll just wait till the writers give them a privilege.

    My Recipe for an Awesome S7 Ending
    By: Dan

    1.The obvious Chrysalis return. 2.Chrysalis turns Starlight into an alicorn and then takes over her body. Note: the reason for that is that as an alicorn she would become the most powerful alicorn by far and the princess of magic later. 3. Controlled Starlight goes on a destruction rampage and no one can stand up to her even after the ponies, dragons and reformed changelings team up. 4.Team energy transfer to Twilight 5.Starlight vs Super alicorn Twilight fight( but better done than the one with Tirek). 6. Trixie tries to stop the fight and gets knocked down in the process. 7.Starlight - 10 miles fury bubble extension... It looks cooler than it sounds and very destructive. 8. All the parties are left in pain and Chrysalis sees the reformed changelings in pain from the blast. 9. Mother's instinct makes her change her mind about revenge and after releasing Starlight she begs for the healing of her children. 10. Reformation time. The end.

    And of course a lot of details left that i left out but i am running out of words. But that's just my take on what i would like to see in a two parter. Do you agree? What would you like to see?

    Merry May and Other Underrated BG Ponies
    By: MegaSean45

    Some of you like Derpy, some of you like Lyra and Bonnie, some of you like Vinyl and Octavia, and some of you even like Carrot Top or Berry Punch! You keep mentioning how much you love these characters, so they appear in the BG more! Is that how the animators choose their BG ponies?

    Well, did you know there are alot of underrated BG ponies as well? They need love too! Sea Swirl, Parasol, Lightning Bolt, Cloud Kicker, Sassaflash, Crescent Moon, Dizzy Twister, Rainbowshine, and even more personal favorite BG pony! You see the pony on the header image? That's Merry May! She's my personal favorite BG pony, and one of the most underrated. Look how cute she is! ^3^ You're the fandom, and you make awesome stories with all these different characters! If it weren't for you, Derpy and all the other BG ponies wouldn't be a thing; and you can even see a story going on in Derpy's life in the BG!

    We can show more love to some of the more unpopular BG ponies and we can see them get noticed more by the developers! Merry May, she's not been appearing at all lately. Only 3 appearances in season 6, and none so far in season 7 and it really upsets me. My 2nd favorite BG pony, Apple Fritter, she hasn't been appearing either! Let's show some more love for the unpopular BG ponies - fanart, fanfics, just talk about them, or we can use them for Pony Spotlight when it comes back! Really enjoyed the Sassaflash post! :D

    Rainbow Blaze Speculation
    By: James Games

    “Rainbow Blaze” is a weird enigma in the show, he was Dash’s only family shown before Parental Glideance(unless you want to count Tank and Scootaloo but I’m talking about blood here) but wasn’t even mentioned in said episode, Here’s what we know about him so far.

    He’s appeared in the show twice, Once in Games Ponies Play seemingly as Dash’s guardian and again in A Hearth's Warming Tail where he sings with Ponyville.
    He appeared in a trading card(pictured) and a comic cover which both give him the name Rainbow Blaze.
    In 2014 he was indirectly stated twice to be Dash’s father
    In 2016 he was directly and indirectly stated to not be her father
    As Joestarter pointed out he’s possibly made several background appearances in a recurring Wonderbolt poster.
    He shares his colours with Bow Hothoof while also having a heat related name so he’s either Dash’s uncle or brother.

    The weird and possibly sad part is that it’s possible that he is closer to Dash than her own parents, In S7E7 we see Dash hasn’t been in her parent’s house since she was a child which coincides with Pinkie Pride being her 10th “Birthaversary” of moving out, this means Dash’s parents haven’t been in her life for 10 years while RB has, CCG even states that RB taught Dash everything she knows about flying which means a lot given that Dash flies more than she stands, so the question is why has Rainbow Blaze been in Dash’s life instead of her parents? Season 7 is about Family and Legacy so it's highly possible we'll see these questions answered.

    Also is Dash’s surname Hothoof?

    Another Starlight Rant, Grab Your Popcorn
    By: Saturnstar14

    But seriously...

    This fandom is so very hard to please these days... I feel like many of the "reasons" bronies have come up with to hate Starlight are just too rash or just very overreacting.

    - Taking the spotlight away: Should I remind you that she was only in 4! episodes this season? Not that much, considering 2 of those were the premiere and one she only was a supporting character, not a main. And only in 6 (premier and finale counted as one) episodes in S6.

    - Quick reformation and too easily forgiven: Quick reformation, yes, but if you take into account that S5 was supposed to be the last season (clear by the ending shot of the finale) then it's pretty obvious why she was forgiven so fast in that montage. Though in S6 there wasn't a real punishment, which most of you didn't like. But Starlight is actually doing most of the punishment herself. She doesn't get off easily because she is battling herself in her own mind. The nightmares in both TWABA and S7E10 are proof of that. It doesn’t matter that no one points her to her faults and mistakes because she does it herself and you are your own worst enemy. We might have had this lesson already with Luna but Starlight wasn’t around for that lesson, remember? And as far as we know, she hasn’t told Twilight or anyone else about these fears she’s having.

    - Repeating lesson of her using her magic: Okay, yeah, she has done this several times already but is she really to blame? All her life she’s been solving her problems with magic. You can’t just take that away from someone in one, two, three. And considering she’s been in only 10 episodes over a span of (in show-time) a few months, you can’t blame her for not putting away that habit immediately. It takes time.

    - "Stronger than Twilight": She’s not stronger, she’s pretty equal. And just because Twilight has wings now, doesn’t mean that she got a boost in magic too. I mean, Cadence was originally a pegasus and she isn’t a pro in magic that well either. It will take a long time for Twilight to come close to the magic level of Celestia or Luna.