• A Bunch of People Around the Fandom Review - All the Episodes

    Glimmy's face when she can't handle all these reviews on this weird schedule.

    It's such a mess this season, that we have episodes dating all the way back to Rock Solid Friendship here. I blame Canada. Please stahp.

    Canadian episodes are at the bottom after spoilers, so don't go all the way if you don't want to see screencaps of them as thumbnails. 

    Go get a bunch of reviews below.

    [1] Source

    My Little Reviews: Forever Filly by ILoveKimPossibleAlot

    [2] Source

    Forever Filly Review | PONES N STUFF by The CC Network

    [3] Source

    Rock Solid Friendship [MLP MK] Review by MangaKamen

    [4] Source

    MisAnthro Pony Reviews: Parental Glideance by MisAnthro Pony

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    Parental Glideance Review | PONES N STUFF by The CC Network

    [6] Source

    Parental Glideance Review by MrLeftTurn

    [7] Source

    Geeky Steven's Quick Review Of - Parental Glidance (MLP FiM Season 7 Episode 7) by Geeky Steven

    [8] Source

    Hard to Say Anything analysis by Fatmanfalling Talks About Ponies

    [9] Source

    BronyDan Episode 71- Hard to Say Anything by BronyDan

    [10] Source

    On second look Hard to say anything by Rotkopfbrony redhatbrony

    [11] Source

    Bronimaniacs Discuss Episode 16: Hard to Say Anything by Venomous Pie


    [12] Source

    "Not Asking for Trouble" Review by DRWolf001

    [13] Source

    Not Asking for Trouble analysis (It's actually a political rant) by Fatmanfalling Talks About Ponies

    [14] Source

    pat reviews mlp s7 ep 8 by Patrick Rowberry

    [15] Source

    "A Royal Problem" Review with TericDragon by DRWolf001

    [16] Source

    Silver Quilted: Royal Problems by MLP-Silver-Quill

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    Starlight's Dinosaur Balls - Taking a look at "A Royal Problem" by Shadow Mist

    [18] Source

    A Royal Problem: A Personal Pseudo Analysis by Cobalt Fossil