• Story: Say Goodbye to the Hollandaise - A Hearth's War(ming) Tail

    [Comedy][Random][Slice of Life]

    Author: Wishywish
    Hearth's Warming's glow is alive in every heart. As a gesture of kindness to their friends, three ponies toil away in the great hall of the Palace of Friendship, creating a fine feast to usher in the season.
    But what happened to the hollandaise? How will everypony face its loss? What happens when no condiment is left behind, and is hollamustaketchsrirachanaise sauce any good over steamed asparagus? These questions and more will be answered within!
    Happy Hearth's Warming!
    Say Goodbye to the Hollandaise: A Hearth's War(ming) Tail

    Additional Tags: A food fight for the holidays.