• "Rock Solid Friendship " Episode Followup - 10/10


    That being said, this was easily one of my favorites on the show in general. It is the pinnacle of a slice of life story, with some of the most memorable moments throughout. I'm really starting to think the almost zero advertising is a good thing. SUDDEN GLIM was a joy to behold even while poor EQD slowly crumbles under a lack of news to post... Slowly shrinking... how could you Hasbro.

    I have a whopping 2 hours to write this thanks to an entire morning worth of Youtube videos leading to other Youtube videos followed by Reddit procrastination and the Canadian airing of the new episode which lead to animal Youtube videos leading to "what is a pet crow like" to "how do girrafe esophaguses work" and eventually tornadoes where I spent an hour on Discord in various chat rooms discussing how fun it would be to go chase tornadoes and the moral and ethical standpoint on "disaster tourism".

    This is my mind on emergency caffeine intake. ON WITH THE SHOW!

    Good for Maud Pie here and conquering that doctorate. Do you know how many people try and fail to reach that level of education? The amount of politics and teacher ass kissing involved? The crippling student debt? It's one of the reasons I decided not to go into a scientific field. I could be chasing those tornadoes, or hiking volcanoes for lava samples, but instead I'm here posting ponies and binge watching TV series on Netflix.

    My life is so boring.


    They say there is a family of horses out in the middle of nowheresville Equestria living off their grandpappy's rock farm. But a usually quiet and serene setting hasn't always been as comfortable as it sounds.

    Look at these poor mares.

    Marble looks like a Vietnam vet coming back from a record breaking tour of duty. An entire childhood of Pinkie Pie. The yelling... the explosiveness... the objects mysteriously appearing and disappearing. She's not built for this! When her sister finally moved out, she saw the light of peace, but still... she can't escape. The nightmare keeps returning.

    Her 1000 yard stare tells it all. Lime sees it. She just wants it to end. She wants a quiet, safe farm where the sun comes up, the rocks safely ¿grow?, and maybe a couple of chickens. Not this tornado of HYPERACTIVITY that charges in and freaks her out every few minutes. Her nerves are on end! 

    And Pinkie Pie is completely oblivious. The rest of the pie family wants to say something, but they are all secretly terrified.  How quickly she goes from 100% POSITIVE to h̠̰̟͖͓̰̩̕y̫̦̘̝̮͚p̝̱̭̞͘er̲̰͓ ̧d̻̦̖̲e̡̫͕̤̺̺̠̯pr͏̹̯ͅe̸s̶s̛i͖̙͝v͏͉è̫͚̼̜̩ almost uncontrollably has them all on edge.

    Lime has begged her parents to let her quiet The Pink Terror down, but her parents tell her not to. How will she react? What will she do in response?

    And for good goddamn reason too. Who even gave her dynamite? Is there no "list" in Equestria?

    And praise the Maud Pie. The one pony in this household with enough fortitude to deal with a direct onslought of Pinkie. The punching bag that takes it so the rest can get a break.

    Be amazed as she stares directly into the face of madness. It's the one weakness of this demon of the party. The lack of reaction drives her to a point where the madness loops in on itself and resets. Watch closely throughout the episode, and you can actually see this exact cycle in action.

    I kid. Pinkie's adorable. She drove me absolutely nuts this episode, but that was the point wasn't it? She's that slightly scary and crazy form of Chaos that counteracts Discords straight up comedic chaos. The weird girl who wont shut up about her toenail collection, but a weird chemical spill has turned her into a pony, given her super powers, and infused her with a constant infusion of caffeine.  Or something. Maybe I'm just losing it.

    I bet the animators over at DHX had to design an entire dedicated eye rig just for Rarity and her many forms of the bedroom eyes. That's a really cute bow on the helmet too. I'm totally into that.

    And an obligatory Spike plug just to quiet those three guys in our comments that always demand Spike have a place in every single episode.

    And every banner
    And every poll
    And every event
    And every compilation of anything.

    I guess this is something to do with Will Smith? Apparently holding your arms out to display something ties to him now. I had a bunch of people say I ABSOLUTELY NEED TO MENTION IT TOMORROW!!!111!1ONEONE

    Might as well include it.

    I mean, I guess you can scream at the turtle.

    (seriously POOR MARBLE) 

    I know every pony has the exact same animation rig, but sad or scared Lyra just seems so much more heartwrenching than any of the others. Look at that face!

    I'd make a quip about hands, but I'm not sure if that is cool anymore. I can already hear the groans from just mentioning it. Maybe I should hand that off to someone in a future followup. Maybe someone in the comments can give me a hand with this one. 


    It's good that she has such a strong, independent, and protective ❤best friend❤ to keep her safe.

    I'm so jealous

    Whoever came up with this is a genius. Whoever comes up with all of these Pinkieisms is a genius.

    Or maybe they are slightly unhinged?

    I'm looking at the scroll thingy here and wondering how it's already halfway down the page without me even mentioning the BEST part of the episode. This is why no trailers or teasers is a good thing. SURPRISE GLIMS.

    And what a history these two have.

    (Jesus Christ Pinkie...)

    Who would have thought that Maud Pie was the catalyst all along that allowed Glimmy to go completely and utterly off the deep end? Planned for two full seasons too! These guys really do rock it at continuity!

    I think this expression is a single frame. I literally went over it 5 times spamming the space bar trying to cap it.

    For Starlight fans, this season is the gift that keeps on giving. I was surprised to see her, but even after that, I wasn't expecting the rest of the episode to be overflowing with yet another incredible friendship.

    And so much character building. She likes KITES! See? She's not just a Twilight / Sunset Shimmer clone! Maybe all the people who leave that comment every time she's mentioned can finally find peace! KITES! KITES!


    AKA 90% of why I watch this show is just to see my favorite ponies being HAPPY.









    (Definitely not the other 10%, nope)

    This is about the point where I was Pinkied out.

    I remember back when I got doxxed and people randomly ordered me free pizzas every few days. This was my exact reaction every time.

    Like I said earlier, cyclical. Maud knows exactly how to handle a Pinkie Pie outburst.

    I need a vectorized wallpaper of this. I hope that community is still doing things like that.

    Could it be... love? The spark of something? The fanfiction fuel this fandom craves?

    Will Trixie allow it?

    (Insert 50 shades of Glimglam part 4 that I ran out of time on here)

    I don't know much about hair styling, but do you use curlers for straight hair?

    I bet some of you expected a completely different response to this image.

    Can you imagine waking up to this. Like this is completely normal in Pinkies reality. A perfectly acceptable thing to do.


    Glim's isn't having it though. It is way too early for this crap right now. The pony body was not meant to wake up before 12:00 PM. I love my snarky new Twilight replacement ❤.

    If I ever got teleported to ponyland, I'd immediately take up dentistry.

    After finding out that brony in Equestria romance was all lies and we are just ugly looking hairless monkeys to the adorable residence of ponyland. 

    I love that they made her bounce the same way the rock did here. See? My followups can be deep and insightful too~

    I mean, if it hasn't eaten her yet I doubt it planned to. There is an entire brony sub fandom that actually writes about and draws this exact, perfectly safe scenario.

    Don't google it.

    That color actually looks really good on Maud. Pinkie Pie kinda has a Sugar Belle thing going.

    Lion King etc etc.

    "Come help decorate my my new house!"

    Oh wait.

    We even got some confirmed foreshadowing from Big Jim in an episode last season.

    ALL IN ALL, I give this episode 10  kite flying Starlight Glimmers out of 10 Happy Little Boulders.

    That means it's gud.