• Random April Fools Videos from Around the Fandom

    We had a bunch of random april fools stuff come in from various pockets of the fandom yesterday, and this is the compilation for it. Bask in madness, be confused, or just click the ones that might interest you. It's not exactly QC'd in this post. I blame Lyra.

    Go get them below.

    FreeNAS Goes Pony

    Apparently this is a really big Free NAS program forum. Whatever that is.

    TrotMania Obscurus Noctis

    "Today, TrotMania goes beyond dance and into the exciting world of performance with our new, completely original spin-off game Obscurus Noctis: Perficentur Dignitas. You've ever wanted to hear a villainous unicorn sing her heart out whilst tapping buttons? Well, now you can! We honestly swear this is nothing like that Vocaloid game; for one, it doesn't have ponies in it.

    Oh, and we do have a new, actual TrotMania too, called Euphorius; we've gone from the lights of Las Pegasus to the sand-swept landscape of the Neighvada Desert: you better bring your dancing A-game, ketchup, and some ski goggles."

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    [SFM] Rarijack by senRobotpony

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    The Wizard of Oz Trailer (The Secret Rift Edition) by The Secret Rift

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    A Paper Derpy Tragedy by Yoshi Greenwater

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    Top 10 Bronies of All Time by WatchPony.com

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    The Plan [MLP Animation] April Fools 2017 by Maddie8972

    [6] Source

    Pentatonic Scales Fluttershy's Tribute (Featuring Silver Quill) by Mike's Geek World