• Community Soapbox #24 - Why The Fandom is F***ing Awesome, Pink Male Ponies, Zephyr, and More!

    Soapboxes return again. What discussions will be brought up from the people within this time?

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    This week we dive into the following:

    • Why The Fandom is F***ing Awesome. Stop Being Idiots
    • Where Are The Pink Male Ponies In MLP?
    • MLP Movie: How to further develop the Mane Six and Spike
    • How Was Equestria made 
    • How Zephyr Breeze can get his girl

    And get your soapboxes below!

    Why The Fandom is F***ing Awesome. Stop Being Idiots
    By: God Damn Celestia

    Sit down kids, cause it's time for Auntie Celestia to give you a tellin'.

    No matter where I go on the internet these days, be it DB, EQD, or /mlp/ I see garbage about the fandom being terrible compared to the old days or how it needs to die. Every other site attacks every other site's audience yet it's the same idiotic mindset across the lot of them.  DB people hate EQD, EQD people hate /mlp/, /mlp/ hates everyone else. EVERYONE hates on pony. At least on /mlp/ it's expected. but what the hell is with EQD and DB? Why the hate? You both consume the same content.

    These same types of people are in every single comment section that has anything to do at all with the fandom numbers or drama like they sit around wackin off to it waiting for their next "fix" and doing absolutely nothing else all day. The same usernames and avatars. People that are completely obsessed with ponies constantly shouting about their downfall. If DB staff does something mildly stupid it's instantly the WORST THING EVER OMG REMOVE THEM. If Seth posts Trixie it's THE CANCER KILLING EQD CLICKBAIT. If the show has a dud episode it's PONY IS DEAD TIME TO LEAVE. All while upvoting the shit out of 300lb Apple Bloom in a dirty diaper.

    Get over yourselves. Is the fandom slower than it used to be? Of course it is. Have a lot of e-famous bronies quit? Sure. We have been here for 7 years now. You couldn't expect that to stay in internet takeover mode forever. That doesn't mean the fandom has gone to shit or is dying. We still see big projects  and incredible art drawn up. Games are being made, friendships built, groups forming and having fun. All of our pony sites have changed so many lives by giving this fandom an outlet to show off their work. We wouldn't exist without such a powerful infrastructure fueling it. I doubt pony would have gone past season 3. This fandom is awesome, and if you haven't found friends and happiness in it, stop blaming everyone else. You are just a terrible person.

    Where Are The Pink Male Ponies In MLP?
    By: Booksmart

    You know , My Little Pony truly does a variety of ponies of different colors, shapes, sizes,genders, and styles! ^_^ Except one thing.. What is it? ...Oh Yeah..WHERE ARE THE PINK MALE PONIES IN MLP?!?!!!!!! Dx Forgive my outburst, but as the observant book pony I am, you notice there are no pink male ponies of any of the three prime pony variants Pegasi ,unicorns, and Earth ponies as secondary characters or otherwise back Not even the colts! Now before you say, "But Booksmart!"" Pink and purple are girl's colors" Blue is a boy color"! Check out Rainbow Dash and Night Glider. They're both blue. And guess what? They're girls! Plus, my Ponysona Booksmart is a pink- coated,purple mane and tailed, blue-eyed hetero male unicorn. So that logic is out the window! XP The only closing thing to male ponies having to being associated with the color pink is Sea Breeze's mane and Shining Armor and Party Favor's unicorn magic! MLP is known to break stereotypes. If the Star War universe can create a fleshed out male African -American Jedi with a purple laser blade named Mace Windu ,then why not create a fleshed-out , pink male pony character in the MLP universe without making his gender or sexuality questioned? :) That make be happy! Perhaps in Perhaps in season 7 or 8! Only time will tell! Let's hope so! :D # Purple And Pink Are Not A Mare's Colors! ;D

    MLP Movie: How to further develop the Mane Six and Spike
    By: ShroomFilms

    For the MLP Movie, we got so many new characters being introduced, and people think they might cause the main cast to have an underwhelming amount of character development. But you can think of it like this: we got like, SEVEN new characters (other than the Storm King and Songbird) where each of the seven main characters will get to use their best traits to teach a new character a friendship lesson! Twilight might have Queen Navo since they're both leaders, Pinkie with Princess Skystar since they're both enthusiastic, Captain Celaeno with Applejack since they're both adventurous and being an honest leader might have something to do with this, Capper with Rarity since this sounds like a generosity thing with Capper being a con-cat, Boyle with Rainbow Dash since they both seem to try to be at their best, Tempest Shadow with Fluttershy because Tempest Shadow might be a quiet and not-so-sharing sort and Fluttershy would use her kindness to get Tempest to open up, and finally, Grubber with Spike because Grubber is a sidekick like Spike, but Grubber is more of a minion, and Spike could teach him a bit about what being an assistant means!

    How was Equestria made?
    By: Gandalf

    The land of Equestria differs quite strikingly from our own-aside from the obvious talking magical animals, the way each world functions is fundamentally different. For instance, in our world natural processes act in an unthinking way-the cycles of sunrise and sunset, the phases of the moon and of the seasons all function perfectly well without interference.

    This makes sense-since minds were formed from nature, nature would have to be able to function without them. This is not true of Equestria- the seasons, the sun, the moon and a whole host of other things are dependent on the interference of ponies to function. But, since ponies presumably came into being well after Equestria and its sun and moon, this doesn't seem to make sense...or does it?

    There is one very noticeable exception to this apparent rule...The Everfree Forest. In this place, nature seems to function more or less the same way it does in our world-the clouds move on their own, animals have to survive by themselves and there is no need for ponies to interfere. But why is this place so different to everywhere else?

    It is my theory that Equestria used to be one gigantic version of the Everfree Forest-originally, it did not need any manual support at all. However, that all changed when ponies discovered they could use magic to alter the world-I would imagine they used their powers in minor ways at first; the pegasi would store a few rain clouds for droughts etc. However, as ponies became more and more advanced, they used their magic to alter the world more and more until they were no longer simply modifying the system- the system had become utterly dependent on the ponies. The Everfree Forest was presumably too wild even for ponies to try and conquer, so it remains a mere shadow of an ancient and older time and world.

    How Zephyr Breeze can get his girl
    By Suave

    In "Flutter Brutter" we were introduced to the hapless dope known as Zephyr Breeze, his very name implying meaning sensitive wind, and in his debut episode the wannabe waifu stealer went after the top mare in the waifu Tier-list, that being a little miss Rainbow Dash. But his incredibly amateur efforts failed miserably and he was rejected with higher and higher amounts of violence, some would say that's justified anti-sexual harassment but I say that's just Dashie playing the hard to get tsundere that hides her true feelings behind violence card. so in order to get his babe and subsequently be hated by the internet forever than Zephyr would have to do the following. 1.) Ditch manbun & shadow and Old Spice that sweet face. 2.) learn to suave like Mac-daddy Eddy. 3.) Get a swank-flank bachelor pad so nice that his folks would want to mooch off of him 4.) Learn to cook food so good that every body loves you 5.) Finally Learn his prey's weaknes- I mean interests and exploit them!

    If that dope does all this than that girl as as good as his!