• Story: Why?

    [Slice of Life][Sad]

    Author: The 24th Pegasus
    Description: I have lived my entire life among the ice at the top of the world with my pod. I knew little of the world outside of the ways of We of the Sea, and as a filly, that suited me just fine. But one day, the steel whales came, and on their backs, they carried creatures not unlike myself, yet wholly different. For while I swam in the sea, they walked on the land and flew through the air. Yet they reminded me of my kind, so curious, so tragic, and so infinitely precious. Where they did not understand, they sought to learn with a foolish stubbornness. Where they wandered far from home, they extended their hooves in friendship.

    Where they waged their wars, they fought with a violent savagery that was frightening to me.

    As I held a dear friend close, the breath fleeing from his body, I only wanted to know one thing.


    Additional Tags: An orcapony asks a question