• Another New Guardians of Harmony Reveal for the MLP Movie - Rainbow Dash and her Zeppelin

     Zeppelins! How many years have I been asking for this?! How many times have I headered Drawfriend with a badass image of ponies skypirating around on zepplins while begging for it in the show? This movie has me so hype now. It's everything I ever wanted.

    Anyway, another toy that fell through the cracks at Toy Fair has been revealed. It looks to be a Rainbow Dash themed zepplin, though an image of the actual Dashie isn't here. I think she might be in the back. You can see little hoof holders on the top and middle of it, hinting that ponies can cling to various parts.

    This will be a Walmart Exclusive.

    Thanks to Tim for sending it.