• Version 3.5 of Fall of AnterFOLD now released!

    In a bit of good news for the gaming scene today, Fall of AnterFOLD is happy to announce that they have updated the game to version 3.5.

    They have added a new chapter as well as a bunch of tweaks in this edition so check on after the break for specifics.

    These were hard days for us,but now we are glad to show you some changes we've made. Also meet the new Chapter 2 Forgotten Burrows.
    Here we go:
    Visual Part:
    - Updated the look of some text.
    Gameplay's Part:
    - Added Chapter 2: Part 1 West Gates.
    - Fixed a bug when after using "Antivirus Pills" Status doesn't work.
    - Updated Sound System and Sounds for Creatures.
    - "Hoof Strike" and "Magic Splash" now replaced on newer "50 on 50" and "Magic Dust".
    - Fixed a bug with Coalision at Ch. 1 Part 1 The Trap and changed a positions of some tents.
    - Added abilities "Fast Rotate and Fast Drop".
    Other Part:
    - Updated launcher.
    - Reworked the function of button "Control" now information will be show up in launcher.
    - Added "Chapter 2: Part 1 West Gates" to Solo Test.
    - Added information about "Control" in Part 1 The Trap,this will be shows in start.
    We have a Discord channel,here our members and here you can to learn information about development's progress etc.So join and expand our group.

    Also you can register account on "Co-op Event".
    Thank you for support !

    Twitter: Calpain