• Dubstep Music: Budzy - Shouting At Ponies (feat. VooDoo) / Einarx - Guardian (Q-Sik Remix)

    We have a couple of pretty awesome dubstep tracks in this post, one original and one remix. First up Budzy brings on some bitcrushed basses that make up a powerful drop lead into by some show vocals about Daring Do that VooDoo helped to integrate into the track. It's always pleasing to hear new music from Budzy and his sound design just keeps getting better. The second piece is a remix from first-time feature Q-Sik of Einarx's track Guardian. Featuring an eclectic mix of sound design, it retains a lot of the melodic goodness of the original, as well as including a whole bunch of Fluttershy vocal chops from one of Einarx's other songs, Blastershy. Check them both out below!