• Nightly Discussion #1000

    The big day has finally arrived everyone: Nightly Discussion #1000 is good to go! I received a bunch of little things from you guys over the past week or so which I will be including after the break.

    When I started the Discussions 1000 days ago I did not expect them to last this long. On the contrary they seem to have gotten more popular as time went on. Even the relatively quiet Morning Discussion has taken off and it isn't uncommon that I see 1000s of comments in every post. We may not have seen eye to eye on things now and then but I am looking forward to supplying Discussions for many many days to come. Here's to another 1000!

    Anyhow, get down to chatting like always!


    "ND is like a school with weird groups of people...

    Theres the people who actually talk about

    The people who treat ND like a diary and
    every night is a new page.

    The people who rant about Starlight

    The weird Starburst shippers *cough*
    *cough* me

    The people who post memes
    that are way past dead .

    and there is the normal people.


    they don't exist on here"

    "When in doubt, Friendship the *squee* out of it. And if that don't work, use more Friendship." 
    -AJR001 2017

    "Starlight should be the next princess."


    "Brb, gonna go look at gardening tips" - Kifstopher
    "Hey everypony!" - FlareBlitzFury
    "mang" - Malphee
    "Huehuehue" - MelodyAmity
    "my name jeff" - Twily
    -As submitted by MelodyAmity

    "I only started participating in Nightly Discussions last month, but already, it has become my favorite part of the day!! (even though that might be an oxymoron)
    It's just so much fun chatting and goofing around and even talking about serious stuff sometimes! It's a way for me to relax and unwind, and it even feels like I've made a few new friends on here (with more sure to come)!

    Thank you, Equestria Daily, and congratulations on your 1000th Nightly Discussion, one of many, many more to come, and one of many, many more you'll see me in!!"

    "If you could talk to the you of whenever you first started watching My
    Little Pony, whether that's decades ago with the early gens, 2010 when
    Friendship if Magic started, or last week when you finally caved to your
    annoying friends, what would you say to them about now? How has MLP changed
    -A question by SilentPony

    "Wolves are just big dogs, they're loyal and friendly! :D And lions are just big cats, your house cats secretly wanna eat you!"

    Happy 1000th Nightly Discussion guys! This marks almost two years of interaction with the EqD community and since then I've met some awesome people around here. Here's to another thousand more. :D See you around and pony on! /)
    -Squeaky Belle

    "Happy 1000th Nightly Discussion everyone! Here's to 1000 (and many) more! <3"
    -Bolt the Super-Pony


    Source - Katie Sparkles

    Source - Michael T.S.

    Source - Unknown, included no name.

    Source - All three and header by MelodyAmity

    Source - Squeaky Belle

    Source - Shabb3r


    Adventures in Equestria
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