• Everfree Northwest Announces Their Writing and PMV Contest!

    EFNW is rolling out their pre-convention events by happily announcing the start of their writing and PMV contests! Not only that they are taking suggestions for panels, gaming, Ponystock and more.

    If you'd like to participate please check on after the break!

    Fillies and Gentlecolts! The time has come once again for Everfree Northwest’s annual online writing competition: Scribblefest! Are you an author with a new piece that you’d like to share? Well, you could win one of our 6 amazing prizes, and each will come with a $20 Amazon gift card! Fill out our submission form at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/14Zar-YWLJ_otIvNmNpA7lHBr4q8n8PoJLKiDj8LR3-Y

    We can't wait to read your work!

    Want more information? Check out https://everfreenw.com/events/scribblefest/ today!

    Here at Everfree Northwest, we love to see your artistic talents... and what better way than with a PMV contest? Submissions are open! Show us your best work and enter by May 6th for a chance to win awesome prizes!

    Rules for Entry:
    • Between 2 and 8 minutes runtime.
    • Must contain at least ~70% pony content.
    • Must be family-friendly (think PG-rating).
    • Must be a new creation! No entries published before January 1st, 2017 will be accepted.

    Entries will be judged for:
    • Best Comedy
    • Best Action
    • Best Drama

    Good luck to all!

    Great news from Everfree Northwest!

    Do you have a panel idea that you want to come to life?
    Do you have a suggestion for a panel or event you would like to see at Everfree?
    Do you have a tabletop or electronic game you would like to demonstrate?
    Are you a musician that would love an opportunity to perform at Ponystock?

    Well, guess what? Panel applications and suggestions, tabletop and electronic game demo applications, and musician applications are now open for Everfree Northwest 2017! There are so many opportunities to show your stuff at this year’s con, and we’d absolutely positively LOVE to have you there! https://everfreenw.com/events/

    Twitter: Calpain