• Gameloft Pony Game Updated with "Slice of Life" Episode 100 Patch

    A new update for the My Little Pony game has been released on Android and iOS. This one brings on a Slice of Life style episode 100 theme, celebrating the donkey wedding and adding a bunch of things themed around that.

    Head on down below the break for screenshots and patch notes!

    Patch Notes:

    Meet Cranky Doodle, his beloved bride Matilda, and new pony friends! Steven Magnet's Hair Salon, the DJ Booth & the Wedding Cake will help you prepare the perfect wedding for this most magical day!

    • NEW CHARACTERS: Introducing the Donkeys. Create the perfect Equestrian wedding with the amazing citizens of Equestria.
    • NEW BUILDINGS: Doctor Whooves' Lab, Symphony Hall and the incredible Steven Magnet's Hair Salon will add the kind of charm that only a wedding can bring!
    • NEW DÉCOR: The beautiful Wedding Cake and DJ Booth are sure to entertain your guests... If the Bugbear statue doesn't scare them off first!

    Tap the mysterious new structure to begin your newest adventure in Equestria!
    Stay tuned for new Mega Events coming soon!

    Thanks to Nicholas and Rhain for sending it.