• EQD Patreon Celebration Post - January - Scootaloo STORM

    Do you hoof bump the Scootaloo? Are you even cool enough to hoof bump the Scootaloo?

    Sorry this is a day late! I spent all day yesterday working on buttons and that calendar on the side bar. I didn't think it would take as long as it did!

    It's that time of the month yet again, and we have a bunch of award requests coming in from the patreon people! If you missed the announcement the other day, we launched a Discord server recently, so a few changes to patreon are coming:

    • The EQD Patreon Skype chat tier has migrated to Discord
    • Patreon supporters will be getting their own tag in Discord outside of the chat room. Keep an eye out for an announcement there! 
    • We might have a few other Discord related rewards. If you have any ideas, feel free to toss them our way. 

    This hiatus has been pretty rough, and Google's recent adsense campaigns aren't helping, so thanks a ton to everyone that is sticking around on our patreon. It's pretty much fueling the site this year. You guys are life savers.

    Now go get your celebration post below! 

    Tier 1 - A Name and Quote!

    Shadowkrosser - "Better to be a victim by trusting too much than to be the villain by trusting too little."

    Aerodactylius -
    "What website is best? 
     It’s Equestria Daily! 
     More pony for all!"


    Specially Trained Derp

    Luster - "Do you know someone new to the show, or curious about ponies? Send them a link to EQD and show them the incredible work our fandom has done."

    Maldoras - "I wish a happy 6th anniversary to EQD and a big thank you to the Staff !"

    Frith AKA TWILIGHT SPARKLE daily journal go read it!

    The winter winds were always cold
    Bringing peace and rest to young and old
    A time of quiet, of home, of shelter

    But the weather has now taken a turn
    The wind and clouds, so cold they burn
    They are wild and biting and bitter

    I can't shake this growing feeling of dread
    I wake up shivering in my bed
    From dreams of rage of what I can't remember

    Still the cold blows down from the north
    My fire and blankets give me no warmth
    I'm immobile, the frost grows thick in my chamber

    Tier 2 - Include an image!

    From @Zaxman22 -"I always loved the alternate timeline dash. Wonder what happened to her?"

    From : HI ANON

    From: Niels Olof - "Instant regret!."

    Post a Video!

    From StartledFlowerPony

    From Richard - "Choo Choo"

    DoodledPony - "Do you like abridged series? This one updated recently. It's pretty good."

    All Other Tiers!

    Ajnrules (Patreon Chat) - "I love Rainbow Dash!"
    Lahirien (Celestia Banner Request) - "Pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony!"

    Xinef - "Soon™..."

    Ryan - "Cant wait for horses to come back, between school and work its nice to have something positive to look foreword to each week"

    Scootaloo DANCE PARTY

    Uhh, turns out there isn't a ton of Scootaloo dancing out there! 

    So we hired some backup dancers from hollowshades! 


    The Bat that Danced at Midnight

    Truly Majestic