• Discussion: Which Actor Would Make the Perfect Starswirl the Bearded?

    With William Shatner joining the pony team a few days ago, many are wondering who exactly he will be playing. His voice tends to work best for the type of character with a ton of charismatic wisdom, which has spawned a group that thinks this may be our first look at an in-show Starswirl. It's kind of an inevitability if you think about it. For a unicorn mentioned so much throughout the last six seasons, I'm actually surprised we haven't gotten a glimpse of the past or some kind of magic fueled cross-time communication yet.

    This brings in an interesting conundrum though. If not Shatner, who else would be the perfect Starswirl the Bearded? Some mention Patrick Stewart or Ian McKellan, and since MLP seems to love inviting old Star Trek actors on board, it wouldn't be surprised if one our current staffers didn't poke the former.

    So comments section, who's it going to be? One of the three above or someone else entirely? Would a Morgan Freeman or Liam Neeson do it?