• The Top 10 BEST My Little Pony Fan Animations of 2016!

    Like 2015, 2016 didn't disappoint at all with a both big project releases, and the rise of some absolutely amazing new animators for the brony fold! Nothing keeps the fandom going like a big ticket pony animation while we wait for new episodes!

    As you may have noticed a few days ago, we took votes on this one in the comments, via email, and through Skype/Discord chats. A lot of people agreed, but at the same time many butt heads on what was and wasn't worthy for the list. Here are the results! Head on down below the break for your top 10 pony fan animations of 2016!

    (Note: This post does not cover SFM animation. That will come later.)


    All the ponies are now pets! An interesting idea that came off a lot cuter than I thought it would when I first saw it in the submit box. It could have gotten pretty... weird knowing this fandom,  but it turned out completely innocent and fun! Color me relieved.

    By: AlStiff
    Animation: My Lego Pony - Dental student

    I can't imagine how long it took to convert ponies into lego form. Somehow Alstiff managed to do it though, and fully animate an awesome Lego Movie-esque mini episode in the same super cheerful style. It's a parody of a medium that I don't think anyone ever expected to see in pony, and he nailed it! 

     By: AgrolChannel

    Agrol continues into 2016 after dominating the 2015 top list. All of his videos were on this list for this year, but this and a few others got the most votes. I guess people like changelings more than other topics or something? Regardless, his channel is well worth checking out, so go do that.

    By: MrPoniator

    MrPoniator used to do an animation after every episode. For season 5, he decided to just go ahead and make one big one instead, covering the scope of all 26. It's big, funny, and very uniquely animated. In this sea of new people, it's comfy to see our old guard still producing away.

    By: ForgaLorga

    ForgaLorga has been popping out regular animations over the past year now, combining show style with his own unique silent comedy. Starlight Glimmer here got a bit of love from him back in May, and millions of people flocked to it. I say that's a pretty good way of getting your name out there!

    By: BrutalWeather

    Another new guy on the block, but by far one of the most talented. BrutalWeather brings back what we lost when Jan Animations got his C&D a few years ago via some of the most show accurate animations and models out. It would be very easy to think this was straight from the next season or something. He even takes it a step further with more advanced lighting and super detailed backgrounds. I just wish it was 2014 again, as seeing only 12k people sub to him really makes me wonder. You all need to sub!

    Unfortunately his channel recently seems to have set a few videos to private (including this one), hopefully not due to a copyright claim from the big wigs at Hasbro. It seems like when you hit a certain level of show accuracy, they come sniffin'. He hasn't released any information on that yet, but for now most of his videos are still up. Fingers crossed it's nothing serious!

    On the actual video, The Cutie Re-Mark follows Starlight's journey into the Canterlot Archives for her time bending spell prior to the season 5 finale. It is one of the smoothest and most show accurate animations out there, and more than worthy of a slot here on this list.

    (Note: A backup upload has been posted over here.)

    By: Agrol

    I feel like there is a lot of Glimmy in this list. I guess it really was her year to shine? Agrol really knows how to pull at those heart strings, and Starlight's tragic past was perfect for it. Expect the feels. That's how this one went.

    By: Agrol

    I think we can safely say that the "Look Back" series is becoming an icon of seasons. The season 5 edition did not disappoint, taking pointy ponies and celebrating all 26 episodes with silly little humorous clips for each. With the recently released season 6 version, I'm excited to see more of these as each season ticks by!

    For the season 6 version in the same category here, hit up this post

    By: BrutalWeather

    Another one from BrutalWeather. He absolutely killed it this year! If you have ever been a fan of Looney Tunes, or grew up with them like I did, you probably got some major nostalgia bombing from The Apple Thief. It's everything we loved about that as a kid and more, but with the glorious bonus of PONIES. It's like my past has smashed into the present with all the good stuff mixed together!

    By: DuoCartoonist

    As if this one wasn't going to win it. The Moon Rises is an example of what incredible things the fandom is capable of. Duo Cartoonist and their team absolutely rocked it with one of the most heart-felt Luna pieces in years. If the show doesn't deliver on the moony and sunbutt, WE WILL!

    Their upcoming project is looking just as promising, with Disney style tunes and yet another topic the show doesn't seem to want to touch. Here's hoping 2017 is just as incredible!

    Honorable Mention
    Animation: Boxen

    How do you take an already hilarious comedy routine and make it better? Draw silly style ponies on top! While the audio isn't original at all, the expressions and matched styles almost perfectly work with the joke for an absolutely amazing synergy of jokeyness.

    Honorable Mention
    By: Skill:Draw

    At 28 million views, it is by far one of the most watched animations of 2016. And we all thought EG would originally be a dud! I guess the team at DHX proved us wrong didn't they?

    It didn't get a ton of votes, but it's well worth mentioning just due to how much buzz it got.

    Honorable Mention
    By: Piemations

    Piemations returns with another Elements of Cringe. It got a pretty good amount of votes, and tons of people loved it when it released, so up it goes!

    Honorable Mention
    Mentally Advanced Series (In general)
    By: DawnSomewhere

    The Mentally Advanced Series has evolved a lot over the past few years, starting with screenshots, shifting to still drawn images, and now pretty much full on animation. Obviously this has expanded the release schedules quite a bit, but what we get for our patience is far greater than the old days. To think, it all started with a silly abridged series!

    Honorable Mention

    While not as prolific as previous years, Fluffle Puff still brought on a bunch of funny little mini episodes involving her and Chrysalis.  If you are a fan of Youtube's favorite little puff ball, it was a good year. 

    And that about covers it! A lot of animations were tied pretty tightly, and only one in the entire contender list for 2016 didn't get any votes. If you haven't been keeping up, be sure to check out all of them, as you probably won't be disappointed just binge watching the entire post.

    And if you want more or just want to relive the old years, go check out the previous years:

    Expect more top 10's for comics, PMV, SFM animations, and more as January continues! Follow that in our Top 10 tag.