• Audio Books: The Regular / To Cure Insanity Please Insert Ponies / Severing / What They Don't Know

    I haven't seen that creepy Twilight face since the old days. I don't know who wrote the original Severing fic, but it creeps me out to this day.

    Get that and more below in audio book form!

    1.) The Regular [Slice of Life]
    2.) To Cure Insanity Please Insert Ponies [Crossover][Comedy]
    3.) Severing [Grimdark]
    4.) What They Don't Know [Slice of Life]

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: Ruirik
    Description: In all his years of running his own shop, Doughnut Joe has seen thousands of ponies. Some he knew, most he didn't, and many he would never see again. But he never minded that, for he always had his regulars.

    Reader: Chaotic


    Author: No One and Nobody
    Description: Batman has a lot of problems, dead parents, late nights. But his biggest problem has to be the amount of nutcases he's locked up.

    Then one day he receives a mysterious box in the mail containing a powerful weapon against the forces of evil.


    This story takes place in the animated series version of Batman.

    I'm planning a little bit of some scary stuff in a later chapter but nothing worth a dark/gore/teen tag. Even though this is with Batman's enemies I will keep it fun and family-friendly.

    Reader: No One and Nobody



    Author: ???
    Description: Twilight Sparkle severs the elements from her friends.

    Reader: CrepyPastaSalad

    Personal blurb: 

    I actually first found the sequel to this story on FimFiction.net.  I had to do a little digging to find this story.  Once I found that nobody had audio read this despite it being linked to development of "Cupcakes," (the success of its sequel, "Reconnections," apparently gave Sergeant Sprinkles the heart to write it) I would have been remiss to ignore it! 

    I think the most meritorious GrimDark aspect to this story is Twilight's gradual change of character.  I hope that I was able to give it the nuances that it needed.  I experimented with adding some music in the background.  I think it's appropriate: "Death on the Hills" by Sir Edward Elgar.

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: SoundoftheWaves
    Description: Diamond Tiara is on top of the world, and she knows it.

    She has a mother who loves her, a father who literally went to the ends of Equestria to make her happy, a best friend who will always be by her side, the adoration of everypony around her, and more money than she could ever spend.

    Yet she also knows how easily all of that could fall away. So she goes through every day making sure to keep her world together.

    Reader: Illya Leonov