• Nightly Roundup #1397

    I've actually never seen Star Vs The Forces of Evil but I hear it is pretty good! I'm surprised then this is the first crossover art I've seen of it and ponies. Though it could just be because my head is in the sand all the time.

    News guys, get it all after the break!

    Tonight's Stories

    [SFM Ponies] 2016 MAYMAYS

    Something a little silly to get us started tonight!

    FoE: Project Horizons Chapter 22 Teaser

    Got a teaser for an audio book project that has been going on for a time it seems! Find it up above!

    My Little Tale - Episode 0 - Choice. (A MLP/Undertale Crossover Animation)

    Another one. This time, however, it'll be a series, a proper episodic series. This bit here serves only as a prelude for the series itself.
    I could've made it far longer than it is, but I thought that giving the option to choose which name will be represented in the animations to come, would be a grand opportunity to give the illusion of playing an actual game, as my animations so far are designed to closely mimic what you'd find in the game. And it is due to this, that the animation is shorter than the previous two, to give the viewer the option to choose how it'll all play out. A poll was made, and linked in the comments section for use only after seeing the video.

    I hope you find this little detail good enough to compensate for the lack of screen time and action.


    Prelude to a future episodic series. Gives the viewer the option to make a choice at the end of the animation through a poll, found in the description.

    "Resident Ponyville: Discord"-comic dub (FEAT: ObabScribbler)

    Looks like we've got a new comic dub for you dub fans! Check it out above!

    Entrance Exam "MLP ANIMATION"

    Want some cute baby Sunset Shimmer? Well, Derek Pony has you covered with this short animation!

    Comic Time Discord Helps twilight

    Midnight is back with another one of her lovely dubs. Get it up above!

    Fallout Equestria Duty Chapter 28&29

    For you FoE fans we've got two new chapters of FoE: Duty from VisualPony for you all tonight!

    Community Art

    We've got some lovely little bits of art for you guys tonight! Great job artists, keep it up!



    By Dominique

    Button and Scootaloo Plays Roblox Epic MiniGames

    Button is back and this time he has dragged Scootaloo into a game of Roblox with him! Game on up above.

    Alicorn Princess Blast Update January 2017

    It certainly has been a while since we’ve last updated the public on what’s been going on with our game Alicorn Princess Blast. We do remember that last update we promised that we would keep you updated monthly with that is going on behind the scenes. Some things have happened in the background that have changed the way to are able to provide updates. As we’ve mentioned before, this game is comprised of volunteers offering their talents in whatever free time they have. Some of the volunteers have not been able to provide that time due to personal events that have happened over the past few months. We apologize for this inconvenience.

    So, let’s update you all on what’s been happening in the background. Starting with the current version, last we left you we were at version 0.1.2, which comprised of only the first level. As of now, we’re at build 0.3.0 with some more changes on the way. Most of our path to this point has been various tweaks and balances that we’ve applied to our game thanks to the help of our testers. We’ve revamped the boss design of the first boss to be more based on what you would encounter if you were going on a raid with your friends in an MMO game. The results have been amazing among the team and our testers as boss fights now have a more familiar feel to them compared to previous versions.
    I’d like to once more say that if you have any interest in playing the game early and helping us make it better through your feedback, you can join us on our Discord server (https://discord.gg/ZGFKMRW). Builds and content are pushed out on a semi weekly basis which means there’s always going to be something for you to play, and our developers are very responsive to your feedback - this is Kaylin’s favorite part of the development process.

    Something else that we’ve been debating on telling you. It’s been quite a while since it has happened and we wanted to figure out a way to tell you all the exciting news, but seeing as how these updates are one of the only ways we maintain contact with you, we’ll just tell you outright - We’re going to be on Xbox One and Windows PC! This is going to be in addition to all of our other planned platform releases which so so far include mac and linux. Looking forward, we’re looking at finishing a new version of the Northern Temple level with some smoother gameplay and some enhanced backgrounds. This is happening along with the release of some more bosses for our testers to test.
    Thank you all for keeping with us through the development of this game. There are a lot of firsts happening here for the team in a process that has only been seen from the outside. We hope to make this game as fun as we can with the time and resources we have!

    Fallout 4 Equestria: Survival Adventure (MLP Mods) Part 1

    First video of the channel for all the bronies that also wish to also share their videos of gaming with ponies.
    The goal it's to make a you tube community just of bronies that like playing with videogames.
    Please help this channel grow ^^

    Friendship is Magic Meets Animation Dance!!! || Penanace to ExplodingPonyToast

    Some more dancing to pony music to help get you in the groove.

    "Cider" in Captions in "Where the Apple Lies" on Netflix

    Pretty much what the title says! I guess in the US version cider is still kept in the captions of Where the Apple Lies.

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    PonyAlert Episode #2 AUDITIONS (Cheerilee,AppleBloom,Sweeite Belle,Scootaloo)

    The Town That Feared Nightfall Demo

    Abstract: A small town is suddenly gripped with fear as a killer randomly picks them off at night, and only you can save them if you're quick enough to find them.

    Genre: Horror, murder mystery, and MLP FIM (Friendship Is Magic)
    Average Demo Time: 30 minutes at most
    Game Progression: At the moment the game only goes up to the end of night 2, which can end in a couple of ways. There are unfinished bits, like characters having no lines at certain parts. I'm trying to mainly focus on the story and important moments, but I will go back and add character lines after I get enough of the story done. The game will take a long time to finish and fully write, since there are more than 1 outcome to certain cutscenes, hence why you'll see characters just standing idly and mute.

    Get more information here!

    A.C.P. Looking for Voice Actors!

    I am looking for voice actors to make fan-made animated film and building a new community for Artist Creations Pictures (My YouTube Channel). I have dozens of animations that I need to create comedy films and upload on YouTube. I'm planning to make an animated fan-made short film called When a Pegasus Blooms, an Mlp Comic Dub by Thunderhawk03. It's a cute story. And other short comedy films. I think it's going to be smashing!

    Also, I'm looking for voice actors to play the part of Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo, and others.

    Get more information here!

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    pat reviews: mlp s1 ep16: blinded by arrogance

    Pit Stop Episode 1 - Repairing the Cart Before the Ponies

    Since racing has been a passion for me my whole life, I wanted to create a discussion on how other fans would tweak The Cart Before the Ponies. I’m not saying that because I’m a racing fan, my idea is best. I just thought it’d be fun to start a discussion on the episode.

    BronyTears [My Little Dashie Review]

    The MBS Show Episode 248

    Hey there Bronies and Pegasisters!

    In today’s episode of The MBS Show, Norman Sanzo take stage solo and talks about the pony news of the week. It's going to be an awesome episode!!!

    Check it out in the link below!
    - https://goo.gl/p9JYe3

    Please Support us on Patreon
    - http://bit.ly/MBS-Patreon

    Also you can now subscribe to the review show on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.
    - http://bit.ly/mbsreview
    - http://bit.ly/mbssradio

    Queen of Limb: Flutter Rose : Wuten''s Number one Fan

    A Pony Perspective: Causes of the Civil War (Union: Part 1)

    Long story short, I am making a 4 Part YouTube series regarding the causes of the American Civil War.

    My series is called "A Pony Perspective" in which I have my My Little Pony original character review human history (yes I am completely serious and don't judge me).

    I wanted to do something unique that no one else has ever done.

    This will be my 3rd episode of the series. This video (Part 1) discusses the issue from the Union perspective. Part 2 will continue with the Union's perspective. Part 3 and 4 will cover the Confederate's perspective.

    The Brony Show 248 - Circuit plays Fall of Anterfold 3.0 (And this time does it right)

    "The Brony Show 248 - Circuit plays Fall of Anterfold 3.0 (And this time does it right)

    Hello everypony. A couple of weeks ago we tried to review Fall of Anterfold, and died horribly. Then a week later a new update was released, so this time we studdied hard, worked on our aim, and manage to go further before dying and get a little deeper into this game. Join us as we play this spooky game of pony cooperative survival

    Watch the fun here (Apologies for the poor quality):

    You can watch our entire shows here: https://vimeo.com/thebronyshow

    Be sure to join us at https://thebronyshow.net/ at 6PM PST/ 9PM EST live this and every Monday. You can also join us an hour early for the Brony show preshow and get your brony show starting early. Also be sure to stay after for the Oatmeal galore afterparty. If you want to be part of the show, let us know! Email Circuit at [email protected] Also be sure to tune in to our affiliate Ponyville live for the show and more fun things after the show at http://ponyvillelive.com/"

    Pony 411 Episode 169- Musical Theater

    Welcome to episode 169! There's news! And a lot of it is interesting. Stuff like an RPG, pony costumes for dogs, the beginning of a new comic series (as well as the end of one), and more!

    Alca7raz and Nemesis then talk about music. Yes, Fan Music Unleashed is back! This time they each have 5 songs to share with you, so be sure to check the show notes for links! Nemesis also has a few quick fanfic updates to wrap it up. So tune in and rock out!

    Download: http://pony411.libsyn.com/episode-169-musical-theater
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pa-N-JCxT48
    Show Notes: http://pony411.libsyn.com/shownotes
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pony411

    Today In Pony History

    February 1, 2011-2016

    2011 - FiM candy appears.

    2012 - Seth and his never ending love for Trixie.

    2013 - MLP Mod for Scribblenauts.

    2014 - My Little Anime releases.

    2015 - Ponies appear in the Super Bowl!

    2016 - Old school MLP toys get a new toy line.

    Twitter: Calpain