• Community Soapbox #17 - Crossing Ponies Over, SHIPPING, and Sisters!

    Soapboxing ALL the ponies. Cartoon horses have a lot of strange consistencies throughout the seasons, and in the world of brony we love to point them out. Expect some of that, some looove, lots of crossover, and more today!

    Expect these posts every Tuesday at 3:00 PM. To submit your own, see this post. (Note: Discussion on clop isn't being accepted for now)

    • Is Shipping Good, Bad or Neither?
    • Fair Use and Ponies
    • Trixie is our Peridot!
    • MLP Should Take Inspiration from Mario
    • Long Lost Sisters? - Introduction

    And get your soapboxes below!

    Is Shipping Good, Bad or Neither?
    By: Yamiks

    While i haven't been a part of the community for long, but topic of shipping amongst few others is splitting people a lot more.

    But the question: is the idea of shipping, aka pairing up characters with romantic intent, a good or bad thing, or perhaps nether. Personally I find it to be an interesting idea, but it's not bad or good. If the idea of shipping leads you to create some interesting artwork, writings or what ever else, then it has been a good influence for you. As for hate that comes for shipping, I see it mostly as animosity for this idea IF it was real and not just a fan generated. Sure enough, most fan-fictions are rather poorly written or made so "ships" that are included in them are viewed poorly, but there are really good works too involving this, and really the bottom line here is simple : A good work of fan-fiction is good no matter if it includes things you personally dislike.

    Everything can be presented well and you should not hate on it blindly, after all isn't that what the show itself thought you?!

    Fair Use and Ponies
    By: Lupafel

    I see more people than I should uploading something to YouTube, and claiming it’s fair use. In some cases, it is, but some I’ve seen are not fair use in the slightest. Things such as uploading full episodes really bother me in this respect. I really don’t care if you upload those to YouTube, but for the love of Celestia don’t claim it’s fair use! By putting a “Fair Use Disclaimer” in your description, you provide proof that you know you are violating copy-right law. You aren’t criticizing, commenting, reporting, teaching, researching, or any of those other things you put in your description. You aren’t transforming the work in any way! It doesn’t matter if you earn money or not; you’re still taking away money from the creators of the show. It’s a substitution of the original work, a part of fair use you’ve conveniently left out of your little disclaimer. Put it this way: would you rather watch a television episode with commercials, a paid download, or a free video on YouTube?

    Trixie is our Peridot!
    By: Bill Ames

    If you do not know who Peridot is ask Youtube. There is a small problem; the MLP show is not designed to support a character like Trixie, living in and taking part of the pony adventurers. Certainly not a role model in the show's demo, but very much so in the role of life. It is fairly obvious I do not like unhappy endings; I do like heroes who are imperfect. We do not know many facts about Trixie. We have seen her behave in some episodes, but it was not until this season's final did she become part of the family so to speak. She also works very well with Starlight, another redeemed villain. What is missing is having Trixie enter the conversation. Showing how to see a problem from a different point of view. Having arguments with ponies. Not battles or nasty stuff. Just stating her position and challenging the other ponies to make a better case. The mane six always seem to have an obvious foil, what happens when they are out talked. Discord is pretty good at that and Trixie held her own with him this season. For those that know Peridot you now see my position.
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    MLP Should Take Inspiration from Mario
    By: Slashx

    It would probably better play to the strengths of the series and what it is trying to accomplish.

    In many ways Mario shares a lot of similarities with MLP on a surface level. The character design, world design, tone, and audiences are similar. There is also the element of "a story built around a gimmick" that exists in both series. It is able to work past many problems MLP has with revolving staff, "anything goes" world design, world building, gimmick integration.

    Yes, Mario is a game, but the way it often tells its stories is still similar enough that it can be compared to MLP (the box in Season 4 feels very much like a Mario story concept), and there are many times where the plot is MORE than just Peach getting kidnapped like Sunshine, Galaxy 1, or any of the RPG games.

    Long Lost Sisters? - Introduction
    By: Brony250

    Since the Season 5 premiere, we were introduced to Starlight Glimmer and immediately the first thing that came to my mind…. She’s Twilight’s sister.

    When I first heard about Starlight and how her name is identical to Twilight’s that’s when I thought that they have to be sisters. After all, if you look at the Apple sisters, Applejack and Apple Bloom you would probably likely make the same conclusion... or maybe not.

    I did rub the idea away believing that their names alone don’t mean anything. It’s not until at the end of the premier where we learn that both Twilight and Starlight have studied magic for so long my idea of the two of them being biological sisters stood strong. It became stronger in the finale as we saw more of their magical abilities. Especially Starlight’s ability to levitate herself which we have seen Twilight do once before in “The Crystal Empire – Part 2” and I don’t recall any other unicorn doing that in previous seasons, could you?

    I will continue on this topic where I’ll give my theory on how they could possibly be biological sisters and what may have led them to have been separated at birth.