• Community Soapbox #14 - MLP's Relation to Anime, Chrysalis Childhood, and More!

    Another week, another set of pony soapboxes! Seems like everyone is enjoying these, so I see no reason to slow down.

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    • MLP. The Child of Anime
    • Three Reasons Why I Ship Starburst Instead of Startrix
    • The Impossibility of Talking Horses
    • The Childhood of Chrysalis
    • Why Flurry Heart SHOULD NOT Rule the Crystal Empire

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    MLP. The Child of Anime
    By: Dan

    Why doesn't anyone notice this? Why doesn't anyone talk about it? MLP is 33% Power puff girls, 33% a mish-mash of memes and references from american culture and 33% ANIME!. Episodes 1 and 2. That is Sailor moon. The fight with Tirek. That is DBZ. A ton of episodes are slice of life comparable to slice of life episodes in anime. And the evidence that is literally looking you in the eye is their eyes. Try this: Google "anime eyes" in a page and then open another google page and search "MLP eyes". Do you see any similarities? Someone who didn't watch any MLP or anime would say that they look the same and despite his ignorance about both he would still be right because they do look the same. They look the same because they were intended that way. I think Lauren Faust is a bit of an otaku herself. I have been an otaku for 20 years and yet i somehow fell in love with this show with colorful horses. Why?. Well i think for me it's because it was inevitable. I was trained by Anime to love it and it happened.

    The Childhood of Chrysalis
    By: Mary

    I know Chrysalis is the bad creature here but for some reason I've always felt like she has more to her than horror and terror. I've also always wondered what her childhood was like. Was she bullied for being black and not colorful like others? Or was she mean and rude and then became evil as she grew? I would love for Hasbro to make an episode of her childhood. #Chrysalis'sPointOfView!

    Why Flurry Heart SHOULD NOT Rule the Crystal Empire
    By: Spectrum Bookstuff

    Flurry Heart. That Alicorn who has a big potential of dominating Equestria someday. She is born with teleporting ability, powerful magic shooting, and strong wings to fly fast. Flurry is surely one pony that none of us can ever forget. Now, it's time to answer our biggest question: does Flurry Heart deserve to rule the Crystal Empire?

    For me, the answer is definitely a NO. If you watch the Crystalling, of course you know that Flurry had destroyed the Crystal Heart. I think this makes a connection between Flurry and the Heart itself, which makes her unable to reactivate the Crystal Heart's powers and automatically break it if she tries to. Second, there are big chances that Flurry will follow King Sombra's hoofsteps someday and try to overtake the Crystal Empire. With magic that powerful, it should be easy for Flurry to activate her dark magic and cast Sombra's evil spells. Third, Flurry is very powerful that her magic might someday harm her own subjects. I mean, of course nopony wanted any of that to happen, right?

    Well, right now we can only hope that Cadance will choose the Crystal Empire's next leader wisely...

    Three Reasons Why I Ship Starburst Instead of Startrix
    By: Catla

    So many of my friends wonder why I ship Starburst (Sunburst x Starlight) over Startrix (Starlight x Trixie)

    1.First of all Starlight and Sunburst have had a deep bond since they were fillies, heck starlight enslaved a whole village of ponies because he left her. I would go as far as to say there might have been a childhood crush involved.

    2. Starlight would probably be better for somepony who shares her profession of REAL magic not stage magic. I always imagined these two living in the crystal empire studying magic together.

    3. The relationship would work out better because Sunburst stays in one space but Trixie travels around doing her magic show.

    The Impossibility of Talking Horses
    By: Integral Archer

    «Qu'est-ce que c'est ? Je parle fran├žais ?» — Applebloom, The Cutie Pox.

    For those whose ignorance precludes their understanding the language of Victor Hugo, this means: "What's this? I'm speaking French?" Such a line presumes that the country of France exists in the MLP universe.

    Language, as a human construction for human purposes, is built not only on cultural context, but also on the essence of man—foundations which could not possibly exist in the universe of our colorful horses. Another example: how could the expression "to look a gift horse in the mouth," which Twilight says at the end of the dress episode, ever arise in this universe? It's as out of place there as "gift human in the mouth" would be in ours, the existence of slavery notwithstanding.

    This is why I don't care much for the incessant cries of "out of universe" hurled at not just every fan fiction but also every episode. I seem to be the only one who realizes that MLP depicts, by its nature, an impossible, contradictory world, replete with impossible, contradictory characters and situations. We should rejoice that the show is thus; for, were it otherwise, would we still watch it?