• Series 4 My Little Pony Trading Cards Detailed

    We have a few details popping up about the upcoming series 4 of the My Little Pony trading card set. Some of the newer things include die-cut cards with special finishes and the fan drawn cards from earlier in the year.

    Get the details below!

    Note: Street date is November 30th

    From gogts
    • Look for great new content, fun trivia, great artwork, new episode cards, tattoos, stickers, foil cards, special treatments, and much more!
    • NEW Content Features die-cut cards, special finishes, and more! Collectors will be stunned if they find a card from the 1-of-1 parallel subset! Yes, there is a subset of cards, where there is only a single version of each card available – these exceptionally RARE cards are inside Series 4 packs and are very special!
    • Also for the first time, fan-drawn cards will also be featured. Artwork from the MLP Create-a-Card Contest is included in Series 4 – and these cards are FANtastic and very fun!
    • New characters, new episodes, new songs, and of course, plenty of Easter egg surprises to keep core fans guessing. There is too much collectible fun to list!

    Thanks to Micheal, @Julia the Oncer, and Zip for sending it