• Discussion: What Kind of Arc Would You Like to See Pony Do?

    Season 7 is still a complete mystery, meaning we have no idea what they are going to do for the 26 episodes they are about to drop on us in Spring. It could be season 1 or 6 style without any major story, or it could be a new thing with a heavily episodic journey leading up to the movie. Lots of possible with how much Hasbro is pushing next year!

    So, lets brainstorm some interesting ideas on how the show might mold it's episodes next season. If you had control over season 7, what would you do? If it a full season arc based, what would you choose from the following:

    • Character(s) to focus on
    • Goal for the character(s) to attain
    • Villain 
    • General idea

    Discuss below!