• Community Soapbox #6 - Why Hasbro Would Never Hire You, Season Drama, Changeling Magic, and More!

    It's looking like these posts are a lot of fun and sparking some good discussion, so I'd say the idea is a success! Hopefully you are all having as much fun as I am of reading some of these both great and sometimes completely insane ideas!

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    Your topics for today:  

    • Why Hasbro will never hire you
    • Season Six's Writing: TMI?
    • Why I Like Sunset Shimmer
    • Enough of this Drama, I Love the New Seasons
    • Changeling Magic

    Why I Like Sunset Shimmer
    By Ganondorf8.

    Sunset Shimmer has become my favourite character in the entire MLP series. Why is that? I can relate to her especially on a personal level. I've been through similar things to what she has endured such as being cast aside by one's peers. I also loved how she was able to overcome those problems despite there being times where everything looked dire. She still has doubts about her reformation through insecure moments that she struggles to deal with, and she does retain some facet of her bully persona through losing her temper when things don't go right for her. Yet, we've seen her grown from being a forgettable villain into arguably one of the most popular characters in MLP who continues overcoming the odds, and allowing us to come along for the ride even when it gets rough at times.

    Enough of this drama, I love the new seasons
    By: selfproclaimed

    I think the recent seasons are great. I would honestly put Season Five on par with Season Two and while Six has flaws, I think it more than makes up for it in its own ways. For lack of space to provide a more detailed gushing over these seasons, here’s a short list of everything they did right.
    • The Cutie Map is one of the best paced two -parters in the show that doesn’t end with friendship beams and lets a large cast shine.
    • Starlight Glimmer was the best villain the show has had since Discord.
    • The CMC got their cutie marks in an episode that nailed that long awaited moment perfectly.
    • Big Mac’s monologue at the end of Brotherhooves Social is one of the most heartwarming moments of the show.
    • The end of Amending Fences too.
    • Fluttershy is more dynamic in S6 than she has ever been.
    • S6 has one of the best post-reformation Discord episodes.
    • Almost every episode Nick Confalone writes is comedic gold.
    • Starlight and Trixie being besties is genius and their interactions in the S6 Finale are great.

    Changeling Magic
    By: Yamiks

    When we talk about magic in the show it's very loosy-goosy,. Not much is explained and not much is known of it's properties, but one thing struck me very early on when watching the show : you never see changlings using it (Except for the queen).

    Let me explain, when most people draw some OC (original character) in action you see a big portion using magic like normal unicorns, but in the show there was only 1 instance when changling horns glowed and looking back at it, I was astounded to see few other things about these LOVEbugs that they do or do not compared to normal ponies. Even in the season 6 finale we see these LOVEly creatures using physical means of moving objects instead floating them as unicorns would. I know this does NOT exempt the possibility of changelings being able to at least levitate objects, but sure enough we haven't seen this ... yet!

    Alas this question might never be answered due to "the ascension", but none the less an interesting though, don't you think!?

    Oh and as a fun last ATG inspired thing : Try drawing your own changling ether attempting to use or actually using magic!

    Season Six's Writing: TMI?
    By: Fluffbrain

    The theme in season six was supposed to be “Explore Equestria”, which after a while I took to meaning “expand the show’s lore”. With the first five seasons, I felt like the writers understood how the lore was best taken as little more than a suspension of disbelief and therefore mentioned it only as needed to continue with a story or joke, often in a tongue-in-cheek tone. In contrast, the writing in season six often lent a fairly tangible and imposing quality to previously inconspicuous story elements, such as Pinkie’s cannon, spell mechanics, Alicorn creation, Chrysalis’s throne, “love” being an actual beam of energy, etc. In my opinion, the problem with adding this sort of unnecessary detail is that viewers like me, who consider such extraneous additions outside the realm of interesting and believable storytelling, are prevented from investing their own reasoning and experience into the scene and thereby becoming more engaged in the story. The writers didn’t need to add in so many specifics to the backstory or otherwise more mystical elements of the show, but since they did they narrowed the appeal to cater to a different audience, one of which I am not a part.

    Why Hasbro will never hire you
    By: Solar Blade

    A healthy fandom is built on give and take, as the work delivers new characters, ideas and lore. Bronies aren’t the healthiest fandom but we’re very unique. I’ve never seen a group of people so eager to create and contribute.

    But no matter how good your ideas, fanfiction and headcanons are, there is very little chance that you’ll be able to take the show in the exact direction you want.

    This needs to be said. I have seen so many unpleasable ‘fans’ drop the show just because it doesn’t appeal to their exact, pinpoint interests. The show’s mass appeal is like an explosion that washes over a wide area; personal appeal is like a sniper rifle targeting one person. By wanting the show to be a sniper rifle, you inadvertently want it to alienate others. Not everyone wants what you want. Some crazier headcanons would kill the show if implemented because of limited appeal.

    Latching so tightly onto your headcanon that it spoils the show for you is your problem. Turn your ideas into your own story, instead of using the show as a crutch. If you don’t like what’s being written, then do your own writing.