• "Where the Apple Lies": Episode Followup

    Oh, what a tangled web we weave...

    I'm going to call this episode Secret Origins: Applejack and Big Macintosh.

    Let's talk things up after the break!

     Does Ponyville have a chiropractor? If not, it should.

    Oh, it's Filthy Rich. Umm... boo? I guess?

    Between the comics, Legend of Everfree, and some brief moments in past episodes, I got the impression we weren't supposed to like Filthy. He seems like an alright guy to me, despite his family's old attitude.

    So let's play a game: Why Filthy Isn't a Jerk.

    Exhibit A: He comes to personally picks up the zap apple jam, is completely respectful, and departs on good terms.

    "But the crates aren't marked".

    I think I see a flaw in your organization plan, Applejack. Time to call back Twilight and Rarity!

    That moment you realized you done goofed.

    "You know how them British folk feel about showing cider outside them pubs!"

    Oh yeah, I went there.

    Drat! Done in by spectral deliciousness.

    Exhibit B: Totally apologetic for something that wasn't his fault. Although, he should have checked the boxes. That's good business practice.

    Surprised Applebloom is cutest Applebloom.

    I take this as evidence that she is indeed related to Pinkie Pie. Distantly related.

    But whatevs. It's time for a flashback!

    Diddly-do, diddly-do, diddly-do...

    I do love these younger designs. From AJ's scrawniness to Big Mac's mane.

    "I'd like you to meet my fiancée, Spoiled Milk."

    Equestrian parents are so cruel.

    "The two hardest working ponies at Sweet Apple Acres."

    Their competition is an elderly pony and an as-yet-unborn foal. That's not much of a title.

     Okay, love is blind and they do make a cute-looking couple.

    Love is not, however, deaf. I could hear the venom in her voice all the way from Canterlot.

    Exhibit C: He politely set up an agreement with no hidden motives or plans. 
    A little manipulation, perhaps.

    Side competition: Which Apple sibling has the better expression?

    The lungs on that lady...


    You're close, big guy. You're close.

    So you have labels for bad apples, but not separate products? Seriously, call Twilight!

    Admit it, we've all enjoyed seeing our siblings get burned at some point. 
    It's not malice, just sibling competitiveness.

    "It was the style back then."

    And the shippers flip their collective wigs. 
    But here's a question: why assume Big Mac is looking at Cheerilee?

    Cupcake! You've not aged a day.

    Exhibit D: Work the front counter with apparent respect. 
    He must have really improved his business to get where he is in the present.

    So... are those plastic apples? Because that display's got a shelf life shorter than cider.

    I've worked in customer service before. Folks do no enjoy having a promise withdrawn. 
    So I can't fault him for being upset.

    However, threatening to end a business relationship over one unintended mistake is both short-sided and selfish. It's a bullying tactic. Minus points, Richy-boy!

     And thus the first thread is woven in this web of deception!

    Big Mac may have smirked when Applejack got told off, but he is a loyal brother. Helping cover for her rather than ratting AJ out to make himself look good. Family bonds, y'all!

     Exhibit E: "We just wanted to come by to wish Granny a speedy recovery."

    "What? I stallion can't enjoy flowers? Why, I'm thinking of starting doll collecting too. Got a problem?"

    Remember how Granny had bad hips in seasons 1 and 2? I think we just found out why. 10 years bad hips, at least.

     "So from that moment on, I took to referring to myself as 'Big' or 'Large' or..."

    Between this and Every Little Thing She Does, I'm starting to wish for an Apple Family spinoff.

     20 years of bad hips!

    Exhibit F: He's putting up with this guff.

    "But to me... it's just how I got my cutie mark!"

    Episode, you flippin' tease!

    Lying Applejack is cutest Applejack.

    Exhibit G: Horrified to learn Granny smith is in the hospital and rushes right over. He's devoting a lot of time to the Apples. 

    I have nothing I want to say here. I just like seeing Spoiled Milk uncomfortable. 

    That's one way to prevent an argument.
    So wait, they all end up in the hospital because Applejack led them there? Aw, I was looking forward to seeing them all injured by her lies!


    Just re-read my own sentence. What the heck is wrong with me?

    Within the waiting room we see:
    1. Applejack and Big MacIntosh's great-grandpappy is still paying the price.
    2. Years later, that swollen fellow is going to ask, "Why does this keep happening?"
    3. That lady had a really bad day with far-reaching consequences.
    4. Don't know that dude in the front's story, but it can't be pleasant.

    How does one style a mane like that? I'm seriously asking.

    Does this look like the face of honesty?

    I don't know what's more heartbreaking. The look on that nurse's face or a little filly with a broken wing. I'm chocking up right now... sniff.

    You have very healthy gums, Big Mac. He flosses, and you should too!

    And thus was born... a legend.

    That is all.

    Exhibit H: Dude is wandering the hospital looking for a sick friend.

    Oh... oh! Dang! Do unicorn horns grow back? 
    Judging from that dude's expression, I don't think so! I feel so bad for him...

    Why are you pointing? She blindfolded.

    And you're about to get a malpractice suit.

    Couple quick notes for the surgery theater:
    1. There's a dude in there who is clearly asleep.
    2. Nice to see Nurse Red Heart again, who also hasn't aged a day.
    3. One of those ponies looks waaaaay too excited for this.
    4. If there is a TV doctor persona parody in this scene, I have failed to recognize it.

    Look upon your work, Applejack!

    Okay, I see rust spots. Unsanitary!

    The real reason for his quiet: lifelong trauma from this one event.

    Yeah, I'm dark.

    "So she's not a doctor..."

    Call the cops! You know, the ones that don't exist within Ponyville!

    We don't get to see as much brother-sister dynamic in this series. 
    So give a shout-out in the comments. Who's your favorite brother-sister duo?

    "I ain't going anywhere anytime soon!"

    You tell 'em, Granny!

    "An stop asking about where your parents were at! 
    I know y'all are just looking for that-there angsty drama hooey!" 

    Okay, so this episode didn't air early in the UK because it named cider. Our friends across the pond view cider as a purely alcoholic drink. With that in mind, Granny just offered liquor to an under-aged pony. 

    And they love it!

    So that's Where the Apple Lies, and all-in-all I think it was a fun episode. It's nice to see how Big MacIntosh and Applejack grew into the ponies they are today. More than that, I appreciate that Applejack had to learn honesty rather than being born that way. 

    I am one of the fans who went into this hoping to see AJ's parents, but that's not a deal breaker. 
    Maybe we'll see down the line or perhaps it's better off in our imagination. 

    Anyway, that's my take on the episode. What's yours?

    I'm Silver Quill. Thanks for reading!