• Fluttershy's Cottage Lego Set Appears on Lego's IDEA Section

    Someone going by the name of JediPippin over on the Lego Ideas site has a new idea up for a full set of ponies and Fluttershy's Cottage in Lego form. We tried one of these in the past but didn't quite make it, maybe we can pull it off now?

    Right now it requires 10000 supporters to happen, meaning you all will need to spread this absolutely everywhere to make it a thing. The creator put a ton of work into crafting the set up above. There are about 20 images showing off everything included in it.

    Head on down below to check it out!

    Support the project over here!

    Set includes:
    1. Accurate, Fluttershy's Cottage (including a detailed exterior and interior.)
    2. 10 detailed characters, including: Rainbow Dash (The loyal one), Pinkie Pie (The fun one), Rarity (The generous one), Applejack (The honest one), Fluttershy (The kind one), Twilight Sparkle (The Princess of Friendship),Spike the dragon (Twilight's assistant), Applebloom (Applejack's sister), Sweetie Belle (Rarity's sister), and Scootaloo (Rainbow Dash's biggest fan)
    3. Pinkie Pie's Party Cannon
    4. Different household items (Pots, pans, etc..)
    5. Angel the bunny (Fluttershy's pet bunny)
    6. Possibility of more animals from the show (Bear, bat, birds, spider, etc.)
    7. Possibility of the Mane 6's pets (Winona, Tank, Owlicious, Gummy, and Opalescence.)